The Body & Mind Program in Swindon

How ordinary Swindon men are building a strong, athletic, agile, pain-free body (and mind) through levelling up physically, mentally, and emotionally so they can finally achieve and sustain a more balanced healthier, happier, lifestyle they desire and deserve WITHOUT hours of endless exercise & boring diets.

Above - Prefer audio? Watch the video to learn more about the men's waking the warrior body & mind program here in Swindon..

IF you want to build (and sustain) a strong, athletic, agile, pain-free body, trust me the physical alone is not enough and back in the day when I was stuck, miserable, and unhappy

I would mask it and sedate with drink, drugs, junk food (got fat TWICE in my life) and repeat that cycle as I BELIEVED (beliefs systems hold us back again) if I was in good shape I would be happy, I wasn't until -

I found my 'balance' physically, mentally, and emotionally..

And following 20 years within the fitness industry and over 10 years of running my own business

alongside the coaching I have used, my experiences, and failures I NOW have a body and mind system that also covers mental/emotional well-being (so I'm no longer emotional eating/drinking) -

find your leverage and you'll find your balance.

This is the VERY reason I devised the waking the warrior body & mind program because from experience there's NOTHING really out there for men, tired, stressed out, unhappy men.

We're just told to 'man up' whatever that even means?

So what is the body & mind program and how does it work?

It is a bespoke small group of like-minded men who are experiencing what it feels like to FINALLY achieve AND sustain the best shape of lives physically, mentally, and emotionally

The program runs on a 4-week cycle where each man is working towards their personal outcome goals

What with a set 'routine' of a fun 45 min workout session each and EVERY weekday evening

(attend 3- 5 for full benefits/value)

Using my train smarter NOT harder (physical) system that you will love

That produces a strong, athletic, agile, pain-free body (& mind)

WITHOUT soul-destroying diets or having to spend hours in the gym each day

IF any of these men can't attend a session for whatever reason

(one gent never attends Weds due to family priorities)

There are optional follow along workouts posted to our private FB support/accountability group

this runs alongside our PROVEN warrior F5 body/mind lifestyle system that WILL bulletproof

Stress, confidence, and energy levels

Whilst crushing that self-doubt (number 1 killer of success)

And procrastination that stops you doing what you REALLY want

This simple yet effective F5 system covers all areas:

Focus, Fitness, Family/Friends, Finance, & Fun

And each man sets and declares (within our private group) their personal 30-day outcome goals for each F

Watch the video below to learn more about these outcomes...

So we towards our fitness goals at our group sessions but we also progress on all areas

When ALL of these are in balance you will level up

Your health, fitness, body, mind - Life

For sustainable results and happiness

The human brain is at it's HAPPIEST when it's making PROGRESS

Each man also has his own bespoke 7 day meal plan so that we can still enjoy our food/life

there are NO expensive supplements or soul destroying diets

It's all about building that better relationship with food, drink, and exercise etc

Therefore, we have produced an environment

where you can NOT fail

(which is why I'm the ONLY coach in this town to offer a full money back guarantee which removes that 'fear')

IF YOU do what YOU said you would!

Anton 'wakey wakey' Hedges

PS - If you'd like to upgrade your body and mindset for that happier healthier you?

Register for the Septembers exclusive free trial (*limited availability) here in Old Town Swindon this June.

Click the picture below to register..

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