Staying MOTIVATED? You Need it!

This is likely to go against everything you usually hear from those self proclaimed expert coaches' you know the ones with their regurgitated motivational quotes that you see all over social media BUT I would actually have you consider that you DON'T need motivation before that, let’s start with defining motivation so we’re talking about the same thing “the art or process of giving someone a reason for doing something.”

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so when we say we need the motivation to take action on what you want we are actually just looking for 'reasons' that will get us to act because, our behavior and feelings are ultimately the result of our beliefs and I've talked before about how our belief systems can hold us back and how I've learned this from experience

ask yourself how the following beliefs might undercut your motivation and keep you from acting:

  • Mistakes and failure are bad.

  • If I make a mistake or fail I’ll be rejected.

  • I’m not capable or competent.

  • What makes me good enough or important is having people think well of me.

  • What makes me good enough or important is doing things perfectly.

  • Nothing I do is good enough.

Imagine there is something you intend to do, such as starting a new fitness regime for your overall well-being or a business project that could bring in some additional income.

you clearly are motivated in that you have plenty of good reasons for taking action.

now imagine you have some of the beliefs listed above.

can you see how they would sabotage your motivation and keep you from acting?

so when you say to yourself: I wish I had more motivation

can you get that you already have all the motivation you need? what you really need is to get rid of the negative beliefs that prevent your motivation from moving you to initiate and sustain the required action. which is why part of our proven 5-pillar system involves questioning our beliefs on a daily basis

once you eliminate these destructive beliefs (that are actually killing your 'motivation') the motivation you already have will be sufficient to get you to take action.

and another problem when you are bombarded with all this motivational' BS it then leads people to 'believe' (that word again) they need motivation to actually take action and get things done

YOU DON'T then I hear that 'yeah but it's easy for you'

I hear that a lot, but I'll let you into a little secret

it's NOT easy for me

I'm NOT always feeling motivated

but what I am is 100% committed which means I'm prepared to do the required to achieve the desired

motivation is JUST a thought or a feeling

(and I've talked about how we can change out thoughts and feeling instantly - different blog)

therefore, it doesn't actually exist so what if you just did the work anyway

regardless of your beliefs?

I know a lot of believers but not many DOERS..

and by taking action you will FEEL that motivation and confidence builds

so you don't actually need to wait around for motivation to show up

what you need is to take some time to be crystal clear (clarity again) about what is it you really want... crystal clear on what's required to get there.. and then commit to it! you want to lead a happier healthier lifestyle as an example to your kids there's your motivation right there! it also helps if it's something you want to be motivated in because if you following an unsustainable 'diet' or exercise plan the belief system will kick in again and kill that motivation so, find something you DO like OR find a way to like what you do" see, its NOT always possible to 'do what you love" but there's ALWAYS a way to "love what you do" and there's something to be said for doing WHATS REQUIRED.. the perfect balance though is when you can love and enjoy what you're doing

AND its the work REQUIRED to get your desired result

Anton 'committed' Hedges

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