Work Smarter in Body & Mind

The men who currently building a strong athletic pain free body FAST with our exclusive work smarter body and mind system (for health and longevity) are doing so with RAPID results

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alongside our simple mindset system that bulletproofs those stress, confidence, and energy levels

as well as crushing that fear, self-doubt and procrastination that stops us from doing what it is we really want, fitness OR life related

there is the physical (body) side that is achieved using my proven SMARTER training system which is about longevity because as we age you will soon discover... (if you haven't yet, trust me from experience I know it won't be long until you start to see that..) the body needs something different and those gung-ho ego style gym routines you could get away with in your 20's will not serve you so well into your 40's and beyond, so you will need something SMARTER

just as the men on the group are now discovering and with rapid results it's about quality over quantity and achieving the maximum in the minimum

incorporating the 'correct balance' in body and mind, strength and mobility etc and I break strength work down into 2 main categories intrinsic strength exercise, using your own body for resistance, and extrinsic, involves moving an external weight and as most people use both in everyday life (occupational/recreational) we train both because we're all about real USABLE strength because agility is more USABLE than brute strength so it all comes back to what is it you really want and why

unlike traditional weight lifting/body building we don't work each individual muscles group - yaaaawn spending hours in the gym working in isolation we're not bodybuilders so we don't need train in that manner we're all about a strong athletic physique - think Hollywood leading man if you want to be a bodybuilder then you will have to train this way

from my experience a lot guys don't they just want to look and feel a bit better and you will actually build size alongside usable strength with this system

the problem is the majority believe, especially men, that this is the way to train BUT it actually causes imbalances, that if not counter balanced can cause issues, hence the train smarter term

these imbalances occur from occupational activities people sit with poor posture...

(similar deal with the guys who were leading sedentary lifestyles before joining this program)

all day and the hips get tight the glutes switch off and they then head to the gym just adding to these imbalances by attempting to lift the heaviest (ego) weight they can find, or they head out for a run (eg -the runner who only runs) that hasn't given you the body you desire so far right?

and the majority pick either strength OR cardio not many COMBINE the 2 and nobody ever includes joint mobility health, due to lack of knowledge or training bias, then they wonder why they are in pain?!

that's if they are even doing any exercise due to this pain or the fact they believe (that word again) they have to be spending hours 'beasting' themselves to be able to achieve the physique they truly desire I'm here to tell you.... YOU DON'T you may also believe you need to use boring restrictive cardio equipment

(we talked before about how our belief system can keep us stuck) we may work a real usable 15 min kettlebell strength & conditioning routine that will build real usable strength, burn fat, increase mobility FAST and give you BETTER workout results than a traditional one-hour gym session

(and we're not even taking gym selfies or eating from tupperware :p)

so the essence of the 'train smarter' system is based around more shorter fun anti-ageing workouts and that CORRECT balance

and if you work this way for strength, longevity, movement etc the aesthetics WILL follow

this is why these men have a that routine of a fun filled 45 min session each evening

(and as long as they attend 3-5 per week they receive the benefits and value) alongside a small group of like-minded men with similar goals and targets and with that smarter 'physical' balance you will build a strong, athletic, agile, and PAIN-FREE body this runs alongside enjoyable meal plans so we can still enjoy our grub

a private support/accountability group 10-20 mins mindset work daily that will bulletproof stress, confidence, and energy levels this then leaves us with more quality fun time for family, friends, and ourselves

it's proven as it's worked for me and the hundreds of ordinary men who have stepped up into this simple life-changing program

if this sounds all to familiar then consider questioning your beliefs and working smarter

and better still contact me about the final 28-day body and mind challenge of 2019 here in Swindon

Anton 'Smart-ass' Hedges

PS- You don't have to be tired, stressed, overwhelmed with little or no time for yourself let alone family

or doing hours of boring exercise and soul destroying diets (with little or no real tangible results)

but from experience most men are

which is the very reason I designed the men's train smarter body & mind program

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