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The current group of Swindon men who are building a strong, athletic, agile, pain-free body (and mind) through leveling up their physical, mental, and emotional well-being so that they can finally achieve and sustain a more balanced happier healthier lifestyle

are now discovering that..

mindset is key

Click the picture above to claim your free body & mind guide and make a start of leveling up your physical, mental, and emotional well-being today!

we have recently talked about our train SMARTER (physical side) systems for health and longevity

(check out the previous blog posts)

but what about the mental/emotional side of things?

if you've been following for a while you now know that to achieve the results/reality you desire

the physical alone is not enough

so what is mindset?

Mindset - the established set of attitudes held by someone

Mindsets are beliefs—beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities..

which is why part of our simple yet effective PROVEN F5 (warrior living) mindset system includes questioning our beliefs on a daily basis, as we've also touched on how negatives beliefs hold us back-

from doing what it is we really want

and keep us stuck, miserable, and unhappy

(just as I was back in the day)

which comes back to our how long do you have to suffer question?

because, as one of my mentors always say's (you will learn more about him when you sign up)

''right now you are currently living the life you are wiling to tolerate''

for another day but back to the mindset..

when you're trying to create NEW results in ALL areas

you have to take on NEW behaviors

but before you can take on NEW behaviors

you MUST take on NEW 'beliefs'

a new way of THINKING

but before you can change your behavior

you gotta change your MINDSET

which involves an element of waking up to your current results and reality

and an element of environment is involved

back in the day when I would sedate my unhappiness with booze and junk food

every evening and unless I changed that environment I was unable to change

my behaviour and habits

so there was no chance of changing my results?

and if you’re looking to radically upgrade your life - body, mindset, resilience, relationships, energy levels, and business etc etc

your success is also directly correlated to your ability to handle stress and chaos whilst continuing to grow

the good thing?

like any ability- you can get better.,.



and that's why we work on - body and mind together for our continued success/results in our personal development and why this proven F5 system covers all areas:

Focus, Fitness, Family/Friends, Finance, Fun

when all of these are in balance you will:

> Have full focus, clarity and direction on what it is you want

> Bulletproof stress, motivation, and energy levels - that stress going to keep on coming but imagine increasing your capacity to deal with it?

> Increasing that capacity will bring calm, patience and also improve relationships etc

> Crush that fear, self-doubt, and procrastination - all the things that stop us from doing what we want

> Build and protect confidence - Imagine all the things you would do with unlimited confidence

these are just a few of the benefits...

SO, IF anything here is making sense?

and you'd like to learn more about our simple yet effective PROVEN (and its proven because it has worked for me and hundreds of men that have stepped up) BODY AND MIND PROGRAM

then why not claim your free body and mind guide, click the picture at the top of this page to claim, and make a start on leveling up your physical, mental, and emotional well-being today!

Anton 'Body AND MIND' Hedges


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