Dealing with Overwhelm

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Struggling With Overwhelm?

Give this a try..

Recently the men on the body and mind program have been talking about overwhelm

and how it can impact our mindset, goals, success/progress, deadlines etc etc

one of the most common things I hear from the men I come into contact with is:

how they often get overwhelmed with their health, fitness, business, relationships - LIFE

overwhelmed with all the things they have to do

overwhelmed by everything they're expected to be

overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities of being a busy man in today's world

and man, do I get it, I used to really struggle with it big time back in the day before our simple yet effective body & mind system helped me understand that

IT'S ONLY YOUR THOUGHTS about things that cause overwhelm... NOT the thing itself good right? ^^^ and dealing with and re-programming your thoughts is a CRITICAL part of what you'll learn

on our coaching program that also helps bulletproof those stress, confidence, and energy levels let's face it, this stress, chaos and overwhelm is just going to keep on coming which is why it's about increasing our capacity to deal with it

and now that the program is currently FULL

I can't take any more coaching clients because I'm am super busy

*that's because I hit my finance outcomes - similar to our fitness outcomes*

(part of our PROVEN system - you can read more in the archives section)

it's a 'be careful what you wish for' situation

therefore, my/our morning routine, focus and time management now become even


because my inbox is FULL everyday

I have MORE work to do

and my 'to do' list continues to get BIGGER

so of course recently I could 'feel' (that word again) that OVERWHELM building and starting to creep in

Prefer audio? watch the video above

Until I incorporated one of the simple tools we use


instead of stressing out and getting overwhelmed with ALL the things you need to do

jumping from one project, workout, email, phone-call to the next

starting various things BEFORE finishing anything:


think about the 3 most CRITICAL things DAILY (or important if you like)

that you need TODAY and work through them

For Example - I had a build up of admin work and I had one eye on some work I needed for next week, this then took my attention away from what I needed THIS WEEK

and I became overwhelmed about this week AND next week

so I picked out the 3 most critical things I needed EACH DAY

and as mentioned in the video, ONE of my 3 for this particular day was my personal exercise

as that is an important part of my 'fitness outcome' but also if you don't take care of yourself how can you take care of anyone else if you are stressed out, angry and overwhelmed you are no use to anyone including yourself, and all that mindset really is... is treating yourself a bit better so why not prioritize your to-do list an break it down the DAILY 3 critical things DAILY that will bring you closer to your outcome, goals, and deadlines in all areas of life then tick them off and move to the next day this then brings that clarity and progress which will also bring about a sense of calm and achievement because you are shifting through the workload

let me know how it goes in the comments below?

if you know of anyone that may benefit from this then why not give it a share Anton 'underwhelmed' Hedges PS- Don't forget you can claim your free body & mind guide by clicking on the picture at the top

and make a start on leveling up your physical, mental, and emotional well-being today

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