14-Day Belly Burn Challenge

Do you want to burn up to 2+ inches of stubborn belly fat whilst building a strong, athletic, agile, pain free body AND mind WITHOUT, hours of endless exercise and boring diets, then you'll want to take this free 14 day challenge that incorporates our exclusive PROVEN train smarter system

Click the picture above to take this free challenge - only available for a limited time

So, now that we've avoided that massive action in the very first week of January

You will now be ready to make a proper start on leveling up your whole lifestyle

Physically, mentally, and emotionally

Because the results you desire (and deserve) are on the other side of your mindset

Which is what the men who have stepped up into coaching with me on our exclusive body and mind program (currently full) are now experiencing

Being physically strong is NOT enough, as you will know if you DID set those new year new me BS goals and have now just given up yet again

This simple 14 day challenge uses the best gym in the world

The human body

(body-weight so no gym or equipment is required)

Therefore, it is PERFECT if you are currently living a sedentary lifestyle And are concerned about that ever growing belly and moobs (I get it as I have been a fat boy TWICE in my life - sign up to learn more)

Confused about where to start what with all the misinformation out there

And or have those frustrating aches/pain cause from imbalances from that sedentary lifestyle so you then feel you won't be able to do it. Our old friends fear and self doubt hold us back again...

So you come up with the stories to NOT take action on what it is your really want yet again

You see the pattern here and how this cycle transcends to all areas of life

This challenge will also work for the typical gym goer, you know men that 'believe' (we talked before about how our belief systems hold us back which is why my guy's question theirs on a daily basis) that they have to spend hours beasting themselves on a daily basis

You know just spreading up aging process and causing more imbalances and pain

And they still don't achieve the results they really want but yes this will challenge will work if you try it at the end of those workouts you continue to repeat doing the same s*it and getting the same results

or if you JUST go for that run that hasn't changed your body shape yet, right?

If you enjoy running then great but yet again it's not going to help you achieve a STRONG, athletic, agile, pain free body - BELIEFS AGAIN so why not try this challenge, as something different, AFTER your run

Now this isn't to be confused with a quick fix transformation this is a simple fun challenge that will help you kick-start your body and mind and will be delivered through an online course of emails

To take the challenge that includes an intro to our exclusive proven mindset system and meal plan so that you can achieve and sustain whilst STILL enjoying your food then click the picture above and make a start TODAY all for free or just keep doing what you are doing and keep getting what you are getting

I'm all good either way

Anton 'challenged' Hedges

PS - you've probably noticed that we're all about real talk

it may seem harsh but in this current generation snowflake climate

its all about waking up to your current reality and results

and a job of a good coach is NOT to be a yes man but to help you achieve

what it is YOU said YOU would do




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