Given up already?

So, Today we're into February

And most people have ALREADY abandoned their 'New Year's resolutions

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That desired self-improvement

Be it health, fitness, life related (Mainly because they found it too hard and didn't see INSTANT results) The problem is, most people overestimate what they can do in the short term... And underestimate what they can do in the long term (Their mind plays tricks on them) Luckily for YOU, my man This is something that I cover on my body & mind program

it's the 'emotional cycle of change' (Mindset again)

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You set out with the good intentions The cycle begins with optimism: I'm going to DO this, it will be different THIS time Thing is, its usually 'uninformed optimism' Which then leads to 'INFORMED PESSIMISM' Sh*t this isn't as easy as I first thought I don't actually have time - was a hard day at work And all those other stories which then brings you to that ''F*ck it'' moment Actually, it wasn't so bad before You then go back and see that oh it ACTUALLY was that bad Which is why people then sedate to change their state of mind Drink, drugs, junk whatever your thing I know cause I've been there! AND then this cycle REPEATS The great news is you CAN actually break this cycle As the men on the program are now discovering, just as I had too, And we use a simple state shift technique Anton 'break the cycle' Hedges PS - More on these state shifters to follow but if you want to learn more about breaking this emotional cycle of change so you can FINALLY do what it is YOU said you would?

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