Is This The Worst Attitude?

I see this one a LOT

so it had me thinking...

is this the worst attitude?

what is it?




'Entitlement' recently I felt this entitlement 'feeling' creep back into my own life the problem is, from experience, it just creates more unnecessary stress and suffering and having recently returned from holiday/travels where I also saw it a LOT from a variety of nationalities demonstrating it you know, plenty of rude, ignorant, self-centered, self-obsessed people entitled to jumping ques, attempting to barge you out the way whilst walking etc etc etc

also if you've been following me here for a while

you will know I give out a lot of free content

content that WILL work IF applied

however, that is never enough for some

so I may then receive the occasional rude email along the lines of

why you haven't replied to my email (IMMEDIATELY)

they believe they are entitled to a reply straight away

(You are entitled to NOTHING! Want it? Work for it!)

don't get me twisted, if you reach out to me asking for help I will reply 100%

however, if it's not immediately then it is because I will prioritise the men that have actually stepped up and who are committed to coaching with me

its the same entitled attitude we've all been guilty of

my wife should have done this or my friend should have done that and so on

ever sent a text and then get sh*tty when you don't receive an instant reply? another great example of this entitlement at it's finest is when we have some of our fun small group sessions in the local park.. and the entitled dog owners who let their dogs off the leads regardless of the numerous signs everywhere stating that ALL dogs on leads so they let them run wild and sh*t everywhere (and DON'T clean up) whilst being stuck to their phones and paying minimum attention (and some of these people have kids geeeez) some of these have even had the nerve and that entitlement to question us shouting that we're not allowed in the park to exercise (even though I have a license which ironically makes us more entitled) which is probably their way of justifying leaving dog sh*t for us to avoid now I love animals and it isn't the dog's fault is it? no, it's the RESPONSIBILITY of the owners (bear in mind some people are actually scared of dogs) yes they should be allowed off the leads and to run free but why not take them over the fields or to an area where there are no ''all dogs on leads'' signs? why, because of that sense of entitlement ONE thing that the majority of ALL these people have in common? they are usually fat, miserable and unhappy and that is the pattern it is NO coincidence and if they can not even take responsibility for their pet.. well, they have no chance for their own health, happiness - life? which is why I actually have empathy the fat miserable guy who was triggered in the park? I replied with kindness and he just didn't know what to do now anyone that knows me knows I don't suffer fools and it's not about being a doormat which is why if I see this stuff going on I will say something but the REACTION from this entitled ''you have the nerve to question me and my dog'' (and my entitlement) which is why I wanted to share this 'example' as mentioned this 'attitude' just brings more uneasiness, struggle, and suffering

and entitlement creates this level of level of expectation where the responsibility is not on you which is why they/he wanted to kick off and then look to pass the blame responsibility is a better choice of word but of course, we live in this generation snowflake blame society what this body & mind system has done for me (apart from change my life for the better in all areas) has helped increase my tolerance, patience, empathy, and compassion whereas before I would have lost my sh*t and possibly been tempted to lump him one which says more about me than him (and why I GET IT!) and lets face it these stressful situations and entitled people are just gonna keep coming you will always have the entitled and from experience, I know that ONLY I - WE have the power to let it upset us its all about how we react this is why our proven system is about increasing our capacity to deal with stress setting up creative mode INSTEAD of reactive mode part of what we do on the body & mind course this then helps bring that sense of calm, happiness, and inner peace

the problem with this feeling of entitlement?

all it actually does is MORE struggle and suffering so you just end up staying stuck

so moving forward if you find yourself coming out with the he should this or she should that..

ask yourself ''am I being entitled''

and remind yourself this attitude will change F*ck All Anton 'hows your attitude' Hedges




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