Dealing with feedback & why you DON'T have haters

If you been following for a while

there is one thing you'll know that I do a LOT

and that is put out a LOT of free REAL USBALE content

video's, emails, blogs etc

all content that will help if and when applied

and some of this free content may well be how you found yourself here reading this post?

I wasn't always posting like that though and I've talked before about how 'fear' can keep us stuck and back in the day fear I struggled with it in all forms, including

fear of what others think that stopped me held me back - in all area's

for example, I experienced it before with my body/fitness perhaps you've tried to get in shape before. Joined a gym or fitness class but then feel inferior and you worry what the already in shape guys will think of you?

been there done that fear also held me up with my business goals and outcomes too what changed for me? I discovered how to STOP being afraid because I know I have a great, NO WORLD CLASS product

devised from years of experience, research, investment and learning from failure

(once I'd overcome that initial fear) it's proven, what I DO works however, unless I and my proven program wanted to continue to be the best-kept secret then this fear was something I needed to address.. sharing some of the tools and strategies we use so I can share my message improve my business goals whilst helping share the message and help more men just like you and I started to do this and share content with a weekly video

back in the day I would have let this fear cripple me and come up with a shed load of stories and excuses not to do what I really wanted or what I knew needed to be done

things like fear of being judged, fear of making mistakes, fear of haters, fear of mean comments

these day's I'm NOT prepared to let this fear of what others think STOP me

from taking action and do what I said I would (or what I wanted)

>I also learned that life is a growth experience not a comfort experience< even though I know that by putting myself out there with this kind of video content/posts

WILL attract some 'unsolicited feedback'

because true to form there is always one snowflake that gets triggered

so if you are putting yourself out there (or avoiding it) the best advice I can give for such 'feedback'

you SHOULD do is just hit 'like' button because silence drives these f*ckers NUTS

but if you're like me and your ego just wont let it slide cut their heads off with 'kindness'

Why? there's NOTHING for them to argue back with.

which is why when I received my latest feedback to a 'tweet' the other day as I also coach Skysports Racing presenter Alex Hammond (who told me she has plenty of 'trolls') who likes, retweets, my work as she enjoys the benefits and results (yes the program does works for ladies as well) so when one of her (expert) followers popped up...

Real Life Example: Troll: "This is nonsense" etc etc

Me: "Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to give me your expert feedback'. Much appreciated"

now in the past, Id have probably gotten a little butt-hurt and worried I would have needed to explain myself, called him some names and tried to show him up and prove he was 'wrong'

but from experience, that only winds the trolls up even more then just makes me even angrier, and this brings me to that moment when I understood - you/we don't have 'haters'

and why you shouldn't let this fear stop you

1- I GET IT. When people try and 'dig us out' or make arsey comments about what we say and do It's NOT about us.. its about THEM. What we say and do will often make them feel bad, sad and trigger them so they lash out to make themselves feel a little better and that's FINE... 2- It's a TOTAL waste of energy Honestly, I could have spent ages explaining the science to just try to 'prove' myself right but it would have been a total waste of time and energy.. REGARDLESS of how small it seems and your energy is best spent GETTING better. Anton 'no hater' Hedges PS - Listen when you start to pull big things off in your life whether it's with your body... your relationships your mindset and yep, the £'s you're earning with your business you'll start to attract OTHER peoples bullshit you'll become a target particularly for Unsolicited feedback and NO AMOUNT OF CLICHES like "ignore the haters" or "they're just jealous" will help you Because the ultimate POWER is EMPATHY for them and for yourself and THAT my friend, is a CRITICAL part of becoming unstoppable in achieving the success you desire

PPS - Wanna learn more about the wake up warrior training system?

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