The 4 most dangerous words in the English Language?

What are the 4 most dangerous words in the English Language?

I hear them a lot

and back in the day when I was stuck, miserable and unhappy with my body, mindset, relationships life

I used to say these 4 words myself

What are they?





Man, the amount of times I have heard that from people

That are NOT producing the level of results they desire...

I gotta admit, I was the same..

Until 1 day a business coach said (as yep I invest in myself AND apply)

"Anton, if you're so smart... why haven't you achieved it yet?"

The guy was SPOT ON

See, I was that "I already know that" guy

And I'm sure you've heard that saying: Too much ego will ruin your success

Well it's true and it hindered my progress

I WASN'T using what I knew

I wasn't implementing my knowledge


I'd put stuff off... make excuses.. procrastinate.. pull the "perfectionist" card

Why? well it comes back to that 'fear' again

How it can hold us back and cripple us

And along with the fears such as fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure etc

That fear of our 'ego' taking a hit, you know being 'wrong' can cripple us

So we end up all closed off and unable to grow and progress

Thing is, its actually ok to be wrong, especially when you are learning from it

However, this comes back to questioning your beliefs

If you BELIEVE what you are doing is correct, and you are CLOSED, and you are NOT achieving those results you desire and deserve as well as generating that

Happier healthier lifestyle

And I can say with 100% certainty that you KNOW how to get better results

You KNOW what to do to improve your results, your health, fitness, business, relationship goals

And how to level up your life

But the thing that's holding you back and keeping you stuck?


Which is why we have a body & mind program

That includes questioning your beliefs on a daily basis

Anton '4-words' Hedges

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