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Fight Club Challenge (Just Don't Talk About It)

My experience of the Fight Cub Physique Challenge..

Back on the turn of the millennium the movie 'Fight Club' was released

Directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

It didn't actually do very well initially and was considered a box office flow however it has since come to gain a cult status

Along with Brads abs

People are still talking about it nearly 25 years later making it 'iconic'

I have also read that over the past 25 years a LOT of guys were looking for this 'fight club' physique

I know I shouldn't talk about it, BUT ('',)

ABOVE - Moi (about 5% body fat) demonstrating low body fat % but not overly 'big' similar to Brad's physique in the movie

When you break it down, he wasn't actually that BIG (another common obsession for guys)

Due to the fact (spoiler) that he was supposed to be a badass double of Edward Norton (smaller) character

Therefore, what he was, was very lean and ripped due to a LOW BODY FAT %

> Sorry I know Brad fuelled his body with cigarettes but I don't smoke - Remember the health priority?!<

Which of course, is ALMOST impossible to sustain, which is why Brad didn't stay that shape regardless of his next role, and oh it isn't OVERLY healthy either

(As we need a certain level of body fat to protect our vital organs and provide warmth etc)

Not only physically, but also mentally!

And by now you will be aware, if you've been following, that the wake up warrior system is all about health and longevity

Back when I created and applied a 'fight club' physique challenge

Doing the challenge wasn't overly fun due to the STRICT diet - Which is how you produce a low body fat %

Brad wanted to be shredded and punchy not big and bulky which was his CLARITY

(Unlike the character of Achilles in Troy that he did not long after which required more muscle)

Which is vital for any goal, alongside urgency (being on big screen) and a deadline (production) for the movie

Yep one he was paid millions for and yes he would have had help with trainers and nutrition (personal chefs) etc

Before anyone starts bashing on about that to justify being out of shape. Usually by the same people that bang on about how ANYBODY who is in good shape MUST be on steroids - This is just usually from people to lazy to take do anything. Although, no I'm not talking about something as drastic as these kind of challenge/transformations.

That said, I hate roids it's NOT my thing and would NEVER promote them, however, if people do (including movie stars, I'm covering this in another pending post) CHOOSE this option?

They STILL have to DO the work!

Anyhow, I digress

Having researched, which I do a lot of anyway in order to continue to improve and progress my own personal knowledge and for improve business, the FIGHT CLUB workout and nutrition plan I also learned that:

These days, for better or worse, actors can’t get action hero roles without a six-pack.

The fitness standard these days is Tyler Durden, the buff Brad Pitt character from 1999’s Fight Club.

“Brad Pitt in Fight Club is the reference for Zak Snyder directed 300 movie,” says Mark Twight.

The trainer for the 300 movie

“Everyone thought he was huge, but he was, like, 155 pounds. If you strip away fat and get guys to 3, 4 percent body fat, they look huge without necessarily being huge.”

“A decade or so ago, Stallone and Van Damme and Schwarzenegger were the action stars,” says Deborah Snyder, who produces the films of her husband, Zack Snyder. “Now we expect actors who aren’t action stars to transform themselves.

Side note about the fitness (and film industry) Zak Snyder actually used CGI for the movie 300 to improve the physiques

Yep they did workout and get in shape but Znyder decided he STILL wasn't happy so used CGI

Learn more this and about my 300 challenge experience here:

Although nobody offers that transparency - Yes I know it's a movie - but for the people who then go out and attempt to replicate something that is actually computer generated - Bit like the filtered world of social media including those 'fitness bullshitters sorry I mean influencers. As mentioned, what is actually wrong with the MULTI MILLION POUND


Brad was ALSO around the age of 35 when he made the fight club movie, similar to my age when I did this challenge

These days I tend to work with people over 40 (just like me) hence the emphasis being more on health and longevity

With occasional challenges, when used correctly, as these can be useful tools for keeping things interesting and focused. Why I tend to do a couple of challenges (perhaps not at this intensity) each year as I also like to see what can be achieved as the body ages each year..

One thing I can tell you that once you are over the age of 40 it will be DIFFICULT to get big (natural) so aiming for a lower fat % (again not necessarily a unsustainable unhealthy level) is a better way to look more ripped and in-turn bigger

As mentioned I created my OWN personal routines and nutrition for this challenge and they are not the same as what Brad did

You can find Brad's (supposed) workout all over the internet, this one was taken from the website of, and it looks like this:

Monday — Chest Push-ups — Three sets of 25 reps Bench press — 25, 15, and eight reps at 165, 195, and 225 lbs Nautilus press — 15 reps at 80, 100, and 130 lbs Incline press — 15 reps at 80, 100, and 130 lbs Pec deck — 15 reps at 60, 70, and 80 lbs

Tuesday — Back 25 pull-ups — Three sets to fatigue Seated rows — Three sets at 75, 80, and 85 lbs Lat pull downs — Three sets at 135, 150, 165 lbs T-bar rows — Three sets at 80, 95, and 110 lbs

Wednesday – Shoulders Arnold press — Three sets at 55 lbs Laterals — Three sets at 30 lbs Front raises — Three sets at 25 lbs

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps Preacher curls — Three sets at 60, 80, and 95 lbs EZ curls cable — Three sets at 50, 65, and 80 lbs Hammer curls — Three sets at 30, 45, and 55 lbs Pushdowns — Three sets at 70, 85, and 100 lbs

^^I NEVER did all of this^^

This split routine, working individual body parts, looks like a 'bodybuilder' routine. In fact, personally, I rarely ever work individual body parts. Usually, with regards to weight lifting, the more/bigger muscles you want to build you would use heavier weights for fewer reps. If you want to be lean muscle mass and tone then you want to be using lighter weights for more reps. Which is obviously what Brad did more of..

Now lets not forget the cardiovascular work

Friday & Saturday – Cardio Treadmill — one hour at 80-90 percent of maximum heart rate (Obtained from Highsnobiety)

Clearly, Brad put his fair share of work in the weight room, but to achieve such low levels of fat some form of cardio will be NEEDED. Aesthetic goals such as 6-packs (again not a true sign of health) usually being to appear when you reach about 13% body fat and once you hit 10% you will start to look really ripped.

Unfortunately this won't appear if you ONLY lift weights or monitor your diet. If you want to get really low then you have to accept you will also need to incorporate cardio

As you can see from Brad's weekly workouts, Pitt was doing 2 hours on a treadmill per week, but he was also getting his heart rate up to 80-90 percent (intensity) during those two hours for maximum results.

Above - Even got me marigolds - Notice how lighting also comes into play?

Here was Brad Pitt’s alleged average day of meals:

Breakfast: Eggs (six whites, seven yolks) and 75g of oatmeal with raisins. Occasionally, Pitt would replace the eggs with a protein shake if his schedule was tight.

Midmorning Snack: Tinned tuna in whole wheat pita bread

Lunch: Two chicken breasts, 75-100g brown rice or pasta, and green veggies

Mid-Afternoon Snack [Pre-Workout]: A protein bar or whey protein shake and a banana

Post Workout: whey protein shake and a banana

Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken, brown rice or pasta, vegetables, and salad.

Evening Snack: Casein protein shake or low-fat cottage cheese (slow-release protein).

(Obtained from Highsnobiety)

I also researched and read somewhere that Brad would also sip on cranberry juice and soda of an evening to help with 'craving's' as he also said he had the healthiest urinary track what with all the cranberry juice

As you can see, there wasn’t any room for sweet desserts, chocolate, crisps and boozing

Brad consumed approximately 2000 calories per day and ate only as much carbs and protein as his body could handle.

Now, you might be thinking this workout plan and nutrition plan is impossible

Well, he didn't do it on his own, he had personal trainers that designed his workout routine and managed his nutrition. Whilst not forgetting how these coaches would have kept him CONSISTENT

Consistency is the real secret weapon to achieving anything you want and not just your fitness goals

That alongside the clarity, as already mentioned, what you want, why, by when, and what are you prepared to actually do?!

We can just say that yes Brad was paid millions and had that help but it STILL wouldn't have been easy!

Therefore, if you are suffering with your results and reality, and not necessarily to the extremes of this kind of unsustainable challenge/role, especially if you are actually already DOING

Then why would you attempt to do it all on your own without the knowledge, direction, support and accountability?

Just something to consider, but for now?

Feel free to grab my free guide, my personal blueprint, that includes more challenges, meal plans, and an optional online challenge:

Anton 'not Brad' Hedges

PS - If you enjoyed this post you can also share with anyone you think may benefit

Although don't talk about fight club ;)

Sources - Me,,


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