Online Warrior Weight Loss Wellness

Many people (coaches included) only talk and look at exercise and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right..

This online wake u warrior 5-pillar (foundation) coaching (taster) is for ordinary guys and girls who want to lose weight (unwanted body fat) and improve their overall wellbeing so they look, move, and feel great, throughout 2022 and beyond!

All WITHOUT hours of endless exercise and boring unsustainable diets

Virtual personal training, Ideal, for busy professionals who don't have time for (or even particularity enjoy) endless exercise/gyms!

No matter your current level, this is a great kick-start for those that maybe worried, confused or lacking direction regarding achieving, sustaining, and managing their 'natural healthy weight'

As well as those who are already taking action but frustrated by their current effort/energy/results ratio

Below - wake up warrior Michelle FINALLY, broke that yo-yo cycle of 2 stone on/off, hit her ideal healthy weight

Time to wake up, take back control, responsibility, and feel full of energy, purpose, and fire?

Also, perfect if you finally want to break that stop-start cycle which is about the emotional cycle of change

If you've been following for a while you will have seen the suffering is optional post as well as just a few of these success stories (like the Michelle above) and know that this is done through our simple wake up warrior 5-pillar system that incorporates that correct lifestyle balance..

Below - It moi, Anton Hedges - Health, Fitness, Longevity Expert - in my fifth decade now

I devised the wake up warrior 5-pillar system from over 20+ years of experience within this industry, of watching peoples stop starting and continued suffering, and the often confusing and contradictive information out there...

As well as years of study, research, and failure, failure is good IF we learn from it, yep I did it the hard slow way to allow these guys to do it the quick easy way

This proven system is delivered online usually over a 4-week goal setting/achieving cycle

And currently, the success rate is currently 100% with everyone, for:

1- Burning fat (losing weight) FAST

2- Building real usable strength - toning up

3- BOTH the above = Get in shape and sustain it

4, Healthy balanced enjoyable (therefore) sustainable eating

yep you can have a few beers etc and make this work

5, Pain free movement

Iron out those imbalances and improve agility/flexibility

6, Feeling strong, empowered, and full of energy

All in a fast, safe, sustainable and effective way

Imagine being able to do all the above and actually being able to enjoy the process?

Below - Quick look at the bespoke training app

How does it work?

To get in on the next 4-week online wake up warrior weight/wellness coaching

You'll register for the no cost taster ** time sensitive ** through filling out the goal setting form:

To see if we/you'd be a good fit for this online 7-day free taster/4-week full coaching

Whilst also letting us know of your current fitness/activity levels, experience, and any equipment you may have

I'll then be in touch to with the no cost taster details and the link to download our bespoke online app

This is where you have full access to me and your own personal calendar/schedule with our perfect 5-pillar blend of warrior wellness routines (geared around your 'personal' goals) that you will love!

(Equipment and gyms OPTIONAL as not required)

Just check in and follow your bespoke calendar/schedule routine, based around your goal setting, at a time that suits. You will also be able to track your progress, message me and the other guys (of your chosen level) in the group chat

There is a weekly LIVE online (group) check in for weigh ins and the like as well as having your questions answered live

You will also then be added to the relevant (foundation or experienced) bonus FB support/accountability group

Where you have full access to me AND my coaches as well as a group of like minded people all on the same mission as you so you'll never feel like you are going alone...

You will also receive:

Elite level mindset coaching so that you can finally see the results you truly desire with our expert guidance on nutrition (no boring restrictive diets) and exercise and accountability

You will also receive my 5-pillar personal blueprint (just for registering) that includes warrior weight/wellness pdf full of real usable tools, techniques, and nutritional info so you continue to enjoy your food/life with ease

Therefore, we have created an environment where you can NOT fail IF you are ready?

Here's the VERY COOL bit...

There's NO upfront costs, yep you read that correctly - there is ZERO upfront fee to pay

I'm SO confident this taster will explode your results and the way you look and feel there's NO initial payment for the coaching and system, As mentioned there will be a chance to join the 4-week system later..

Ready to wake your warrior?

Register for the free trial here:


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