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Warrior (Online)Wellness Challenge: Northman Results

Ready to switch from Dad Bod to Warrior God?

Thing is, many people (coaches included) only talk and think about exercise and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right...

And following the success, interest, AND results of our recent challenge

The Northman Challenge...

That I used for my birthday challenge this year, as well as a couple of the local wake up warrior I enlisted.

We have now recently finished perfecting a very similar 5-WEEK ONLINE fundamental course..

That can be done anywhere and at anytime that suits (equipment, kettle/dumbbell, clubs etc optional)

So, as not only to help more people kick-start or aid/improve their current fitness routines, performance, and results

But also to share the fact that you can get in great shape (WITHOUT the need for endless exercise, gyms, or boring diets) and look, move, and feel great all whilst actually having some fun doing it!

The fact that the majority of people I work with (online & locally) are busy professionals over the age of 35

Is why this is so POPULAR, Oh and also the fact that it actually works...

Above - it's me Anton Hedges, Health, Fitness, Longevity Expert, in my fifth decade now.

Why the Northman, or any kind of Challenge?

Well, every year, alongside my ONGOING health and fitness, I also enjoy a challenge

As this helps mix things up and keeps things interesting, why I do a couple each year, one for my birthday (to see what can be achieved as the body ages another year) and another usually leading up to Christmas and New Year..

> BEFORE people start all that new year new me BS <

Anyhow, having watched the Northman (have you seen it?) this year, a couple of months before my Birthday is why I opted for a Northman Viking Warrior for my birthday (July) challenge 2022.

So, I then started to think about how I could design the routines using my 5-pillar system (my ongoing health/wellbeing personal blueprint) which was really quite easy actually..

See, in the movie, that also has elements of the supernatural, the Viking warriors spirit animals are either a Bear (Big bulky brute force) or Wolves (more athletic and technical) however Alexander Skarsgård lead character Amleth..

Is a HYBRID between the two. So it really suits the wake up warrior 5-pillar balance, see, whilst most people train for the weight room, we're all about building real USABLE strength as agility (technical wolf) is more usable than brute strength alone (bear - weight room bodybuilding)

The leading man has to be ready to take off the shirt, show the torso, AND look the part

This is why all these guys, from Bond to Bourne will be conditioned to real usable strength..

E.G - leading man athleticism, running, climbing, fighting etc which would come from a variety of weights BUT ALSO movement, instead of ONLY isolated chest and treadmill, of such activities with kettlebells, clubs, ropes etc

Followed by hours of (Northman) fight choreography with swords and axes, which is more usable/functional fitness training, most days which also incorporates consistency and repetition.

Above - LITTLE look at The Northman Challenge -

The physique is a result of developing USABLE strength, stamina, and skill for mock battles - The 'appearance' is the consequence of fitness..

As demonstrated by Jason, one of our LOCAL wake up warriors who I enlisted on this challenge now that he (and Sat, the other gent on the challenge) have hit their initial goals, as this set goal and deadline adds some extra spice & interest

Jason, above who is 49 years young, and Sat below, BOTH suffered with deliberating back pain before they started using the 5-pillar health & longevity system. Why the challenge? Because they can..

See, now they're both enjoying pain free movement through building real usable strength and conditioning they are now ready for a little extra fun challenge ;p

''I have suffered with a bad back for many years, and apart from a few stretches now and then when it was really bad, I’d accepted that I was stuck with it for ever.

When I couldn’t put my own socks on in the morning, I realised this probably wasn’t a great long term solution and contacted Anton. I’d already seen the changes in my friend, Sat, and my wife, Lucy, who’ve both been training with Anton for a while, so was confident he could help and he really has! 2 months in and my mobility and flexibility has vastly improved and putting socks on now is a breeze!'' Jason Griffiths - Swindon Property Group

Below, Sat at 53, is another busy business owner who requested the Northman Challenge...

''I spoke to my doctor and he said most people have lower back pain and it’s normal. Trust me it’s not normal and you don’t have to live with it. Having worked with some other local trainers and therapists, who never dealt with my issue. I started coaching with Anton for and haven’t felt this good since I can’t remember when. My aim was to improve my general well being and try to sort the back pain that I had been struggling with for some time. Thank you Anton for giving me this new lease of life and belief in my own ability. I feel much stronger and have also lost weight/belly fat, I didn’t realise how simple it can be. Back pain and stiffness, I don’t know have those sort of hinderances anymore.'' Sat Nijjar - Cross Street Garage, Motors, and Taxi's

This is why both Sat and Jason can now push on with confidence with other goals, as well as take more challenges, so as to see what his body (and mindset) is now capable of...

Oh and it's not just men that are benefiting from the 5-pillar system...

Above - Michelle demonstrating her progress

Now for the exciting bit...

Due to the success (and interest) of this recent (local) challenge

And the fact we also BOTH our online (& local) 1-1 private coaching personal training are currently full

We have now adjusted this challenge to be able to help more people online

This FIVE week online course (open to men and women) will be be delivered through our bespoke online app

And it's now tried tested and currently running

Below - Quick look at our exclusive online training app where this 5-week course is delivered

This course WILL kick-start your overall health, fitness, and wellbeing AND aid/improve your current routines/results

You can expect to improve your health, fitness agility, flexibility, and posture

Alongside safely torching unwanted body fat (weight loss) fast, with up to 1 stone and 2 inches of belly flab in 5 weeks

Whilst building, feeling, and seeing strength, muscle tone, and shape

However, if you improve your agility/flexibility then this will only aid your performance

With your current gym/strength routines, sports, running or any kind of recreational AND occupational activity

So, yep you can also expect to iron out those imbalances that cause aches, niggles and pain (back pain etc)

You will also learn about healthy balanced enjoyable (sustainable) nutrition

NO diets or rabbit food, you can actually have a couple of beers and make this work!

I'm also so confident this course will will take your results and reality to the next level

You will be covered by the full 30-day money back guarantee

(which helps removes any of understandable fear that may be holding you back)

How does it work?

You register for this 5-week warrior wellness online course:

Once confirmed you will receive your sign up link to your download your bespoke online app

>> Due to the BESPOKE nature of this online course, it is NOT automated, and the fact that I personally deal with every registration, please be patient as you WILL receive the link ASAP (usually within one hour max) <<

Once you have downloaded just switch on, and you will receive your 5-week course in your personal calendar/schedule

You will then receive LIFETIME access to this course (through our bespoke and private YouTube playlist) so you can revisit it as a foundation course AGAIN and AGAIN

Once inside you will also receive:

> FIVE weeks full access to our exclusive online coaching app and your 5-week course

> My exclusive wake up warrior 5-pillar health/fitness guide (my personal blueprint)

> Weight management PDF - Nutrition made easy (and TASTY)

> Full Access to our online accountability, support, and banter group - All questions answered - Video Q & A's

> All area access to me and my coaches

and a WHOLE lot more...

The total cost, includes full lifetime access, is just ONE payment of £59

I’d love to work with you. Here's the link to lock in your registration:

I'll see you on the inside

Anton 'challenged' Hedges

PS - Ever found yourself feeling down and depressed about your results and reality?

How you've ended up where your are at?

Beating yourself up for not doing what you said you would and for not 'sticking' to it?

Me too... but consider this:

Your previous results only show you what you've BEEN committed to and who you WERE but your 'current actions' show you what you ARE committed to and who you're BECOMING

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