I initially devised the new online challenge (to run alongside the current system) specifically for/during this lock-down period as the in-person (group & 1-1) sessions were unable to run, even though we don't actually use 'gyms'. When the whole world started to shut down these guys continued to progress and keep that all important physical and mental well-being through the online community, (social) interaction, accountability and support (banter) etc. Guys just like Mark, above.


Frustrated with your current results and reality?


Ready to finally achieve the results you desire?


Want to be another one of our success stories?


Learn more about my simple PROVEN 5-pillar health & longevity system that all these guys (& girls) are currently using (online & locally) to build a strong, toned, pain free body FAST and all without hours of endless exercise and boring unsustainable diets?


Yes, you can have a few beers and make this work..


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