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Never Buy/Consume Low Fat/Diet Foods

Ever since fat was demonized.

People started eating more sugar, refined carbs, and process foods instead.

As a result, the entire WORLD has become fatter and SICKER!

Firstly, there is absolutely NO need to ingest fat-free foods...

Fat does NOT make you fat!

The media has brainwashed the masses into thinking that consuming fat makes you fat.

When in reality a caloric excess and a sedentary lifestyle makes one overweight with a high body fat percentage.

When food items are made "fat-free" they simply remove or lower the fat content and increase the sugar & sodium content among other things and you'll also find that they are more EXPENSIVE as you're led to believe that this is more beneficial and who wouldn't invest in their health, right?

People also tend to kid themselves (DENIAL) that because they are eating non-OR low-fat food AND drinks (Usually 'career dieters' as I like to call them) they can then eat other forms of crap which usually have higher calorific value than 'fat'...

Whilst not having to WORRY ABOUT any form of exercise.

Or even movement, you know the thing we are designed to do as humans.

Your body needs fat...

Essential body fat is necessary for insulation, protecting our vital organs, for vitamin storage, etc etc and building key cell messengers that are necessary for effective cell communication.

Without this fat, the body does not function properly, and entire systems like our immune systems and neurological system will be affected.

However, there are healthy fats and unhealthy fats.

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are the most important fats in the human diet.

Next comes monounsaturated fats which when consumed regularly will help to create a healthy ratio of HDL:LDL (good & bad) cholesterol (cholesterol is a completely different post)

Quick tip for you when it comes to good v bad fats - At room temperature a GOOD fat will be liquid/soft EG- Olive Oil or Butter (yes I said butter as this NATURAL as opposed to spread that have been man-made and contain trans fats the WORST you can digest, trust me that shit will kill you -

Tran Fats, or trans- unsaturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, are a type of unsaturated fats that are uncommon in nature but become commonly produced industrially from vegetable fats for use in margarine, snack food, packaged baked goods and fried fast foods starting in the 1950's. Bad Fats at room temperature will solidify and be hard EG - Lard or Chocolate bars, chocolate again hence why I will ENJOY 1-2 bar per week, alongside all the correct foods and exercise, instead of 1-2 bars each day! Cocoa is actually good for you in pure form, the really dark chocolate, as it has 11% fiber and contains over 50% of the RDA for Iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. Just make sure it's made with at least 70% cocoa.

Personally, I prefer to follow a balanced 'NATURAL' approach (mostly for HEALTH benefits) to nutrition and as mentioned in more depth in the conscious consumption post, diets don't work post.

Below- Quick way to eating more healthy - Back to the brainwashing multi million £ 'diet' and food industry

Similar deal with 'diet' drinks

Personally if I'm going to drink any of these dead (man-made) nutrients drinks, which is rare as food/drink is fuel and this has nothing to offer me, I would always choose the original/sugar as yes it has sugar (more on natural vs man made sugars to follow) but 'DIET COKE'? has ARTIFICIAL sweeteners (revert back to the CHEMICAL shit storm pic above)

I once had a client who's goal was weight/fat loss and who used to inform me that their habit of drinking a minimum of 6 diet soda's per day was fine as they were 'diet'...This would have been around that belief that they have zero calories..

What with being a weight loss client, however, chemicals cause hormone responses such as that fat storage (amongst other things) and if you add fat to your body then you will add weight (lets not forget adding muscle/tone will add weight)

This comes back to questioning your beliefs (revisit your suffering is optional post)

Don't get me wrong I will and do enjoy the 'occasional' fizzy drink and even though I have one can of original coke in my fridge it's been sat there for a couple of months ready for whenever I do fancy it, however, I mostly CHOOSE NATURAL water due to sugar being the most addictive drug on the planet, apparently more addictive than crack cocaine according to some research. studies.

However, I would choose sugar over artificial EVERY-TIME but of course, it must be consumed in moderation!

Listen, eating isn't cheating it's about building a better relationship with what we consume (emotional consumption comes into play) alongside regular exercise, movement, and activity...

NO it doesn't have to be long boring painful workouts or trips to the gym

That's the belief system kicking in again

(Why all my wake up warrior question their beliefs daily)

Think of food as FUEL for your body and when you eat crap your energy and mood will also feel crap

ENERGY is vital and has a knock on for EVERYTHING in your life!

This comes back to the fact that your (mine/our) number 1 priority should be how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally (all connected) and if you DON'T protect your energy?

Low energy = low mood = poor choices = sedating with drink, junk, drugs, etc

Be aware (wake up warrior) to and be responsible for the foods/poisons that you choose to digest

Remember - Put good stuff in get good stuff out!

It's not just about eating or dieting for 6 packs etc following a healthier eating plan is just that 'healthier'

Think about it for wellness, energy, mood benefits alongside regular exercise you will not only FEEL fitter, healthier with bags of energy and then the aesthetics will follow. Feel good = Look Good, it really is true! Grab my free no strings wake up warrior blueprint that includes meal plan and weight control/loss pdf:


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