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The Daily Dozen

The Daily Dozen - My 12 simple daily wellness rules

IF you want to build (and sustain) a strong, pain-free body, trust me, the physical alone is not enough!

Above it's moi, Anton Hedges Health, Fitness, Longevity Expert (in my fifth decade now)

IF you want to build (and sustain) a strong, pain-free body, trust me, the physical alone is not enough!

Back in the day when I was stuck, stressed out, miserable, and unhappy I would mask it and sedate with drink, drugs, junk food (got fat TWICE in my life) and just continue to repeat that cycle

Thing is, I actually BELIEVED (beliefs systems hold us back again) that if I was in good shape then I would be happy..

I wasn't until - I found my 'balance' physically, mentally, and emotionally...

I also learnt that there's NOTHING really out there for men, tired, stressed out, unhappy men (woman warriors welcome, just I've never been one :p)

We're just told to 'man up' whatever that even means?

Men also 'believe' they need to be spending hours in the gym, taking expensive supplements and following unsustainable soul-destroying diets (You don't - Belief systems again!)

Which is what leads them to then give up, which ALSO then leads you to lose confidence, and guilt/punish ourselves AGAIN!

All of this (and more) alongside 20+ years of experience within the health/fitness industry is why I devised the simple proven balanced 5-pillar warrior wellness system!

So we can achieve and sustain the best shape of our lives physically, mentally and emotionally, just as HUNDREDS of the guys that have stepped up are now discovering

However, all of this involves ACTION - Not positive thinking...

I've never met anyone who has thought their way out of a negative situation or state

Or even TALKING for that matter, and whilst taking and awareness are great talking alone is NOT enough

For example, each morning ONE of the questions the online wellness warriors answer IS -

How do you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally on a scale of 1-10

Anything below a 8 YOU WILL SUFFER

Therefore, we then take action, with a simple follow along system, and responsibility to improve those scores


All by DOING! So as you can see - Positive ACTION is whats required!

Sound like something you need?

Get started with my DAILY DOZEN

Below are just a dozen simple wellness rules that I follow daily..

The Daily Dozen- for a happier, healthier, balanced lifestyle (claim your free download and keep PDF guide for full details)

  • Sleep well (7-8 hours each night)

  • Morning Meditation (Start with the 1 minute meditation?)

  • Have a goal(s) to work towards = Purpose

  • Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty of water (2-4 litres per day)

  • Move Daily - Regular Exercise

  • Enjoy my fav 'occasional' foods 2-3 times weekly NOT daily

  • I drink alcohol but in moderation (I'm not 19 anymore)

  • No junk food in cupboards

  • I prep most of my own meals and CHOOSE natural foods over pre-packaged processed foods.

  • I limit takeaways (1 maybe 2 per month - goal dependent)

  • Question your beliefs

  • Evening Routine - Digital Detox

Repeat daily

There you go, just a few simple things to consider incorporating!

See, many people (coaches included) only talk and think about exercise and calories and nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations)

There is a whole foundation you need to get right..

Including optimising our hormones (esp over 40's) for optimising your results and overall wellbeing!

To receive your FREE copy of my warrior wellness guide, my personal blueprint, and I will show you how:


PS - You will also receive my personal wellness blueprint that includes mindset tools, wellness routines, meal plans and whole lot more -

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