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£1 Online Body & Mind Personal Training Trial


Above, its me Anton Hedges health, fitness, longevity expert

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years helping busy professionals just like you

The main thing learned is everybody is individual and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

We have a proven system that is personalised to each individual

Unlike those random generic cookie cutter plans taken off the shelf

Also, many people (coaches included) only talk and think about exercise and calories/nutrition, which plays a part, but if you want amazing results that actually last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right - I can show you how with the warrior wellness body and mind system, my personal blueprint, that I have devised from over 20 years of experience, research, investment, study and yep failure

Although failure is actually good IF we learn from it instead of just repeating the same mistakes again!

Think of, what I call, the career dieter - Diets don't work we both know that... Anyhow, this simple proven system has helped hundreds of busy professionals like you to take back control (physically but also mentally AND emotionally) in all areas. This of course, allows for sustainable results...

Results similar to Gareth below who's a busy professional Dad...

''I originally signed up for the £1 online personal training trial last September whereby I was 105 Kilos, out of shape, eating the wrong foods and too much and drinking way more than I should. I felt it was about time I did something about this for myself and my kids.

Anton came recommended by a number of people and decided to give it a go due to the trial offer. Your programme is personalised for you and what you want to achieve and Anton is always there to offer advice and guidance and is not too afraid to stick a rocket up your backside if you are not following your programme.

The balance of this 5-pillar body and mind system has been a revelation and is stepping up the game in my overall targets Anton and I have set myself. I find that I am calmer and able to focus a lot more, taking time to re-assess what is important and not getting so stressed out.

I would recommend to anyone and I am well on my way to my next target goal.'' Gareth Cope

So what's included with this £1 trial (worth in access of £150)

Bespoke personalised online coaching (delivered through our easy to use app - equipment optional)

So you will build strength/muscle tone and torch fat in a safe fast effective manor

Elite level mindset system

Private Facebook support/accountability group

Exclusive access to your personal coach (and all my coaches - yes I invest in myself)

Weekly personal feedback/progress reports

Regular check in calls with your coach

Weekly live Q&A's (access to recording and your questions if you can't attend)

Habit building system

Meal plans based on your goal

Remove aches & (back) pain

Improve flexibility and posture

Simple sustainable nutrition (yep you can have a few beers and make it work)

Feel calm, confident, and with better sleep

Optimise hormones - optimise your results and wellbeing

And a whole lot more

All follow along routines modified to suit personal needs and abilities and then progress as and when you are ready

Time to start burning the belly, tone up, and feel full of energy?

Just a little look at the tracking section, including measurements, fat %, and weight, so all these ordinary guys and girls can monitor and track their ongoing progress which in-turn helps keep motivation and focus..

Right now, the success rate is currently 100% with everyone using this system, for:

1- Burning fat (losing weight) FAST

2- Building real usable strength - toning up -

3- BOTH the above = Get Ripped and sustain it

4, Healthy balanced enjoyable (therefore) sustainable eating

5, Pain free movement

6, Feel strong, empowered, and full of energy

Here's the VERY COOL bit...

You can test this out and kick start your training or find the missing piece of the puzzle from your current results and reality especially if you are already putting in a lot of time, effort, and energy but not happy with your work to results ratio

There will be an opportunity to continue with your programme and progress at a discounted rate through the trial, all covered with a money back guarantee, all of this info and pricing will be sent to you during your trial period (usually 2-3 weeks) however this is all OPTIONAL!

Skysports Racing Alex Hammond uses the online body and mind system. Below just talking about why...

Below, are just a couple more of the busy professional parents that have taken back control through this online training

Guys like Sat

'I started coaching with Anton through a £1 trial challenge and haven’t felt this good since I can’t remember when.

My initial goals were to improve my general well being and try to sort the back pain that I had been struggling with for some time. I spoke to my doctor and he said most people have lower back pain and it’s normal. trust me it’s not normal and you don’t have to live with it.

Since apply the 5-pillar balance of Anton's system I feel much stronger and flexible, I have also lost weight/belly, I didn’t realise how simple it can be. Back pain and stiffness, I don’t know have those sort of hinderances anymore.

Thank you Anton for giving me this new lease of life and belief in my own ability.''

And ladies like Michelle who's FINALLY broken her yo-yo (AND stop/start) cycle of 2 stone on 2 stone off and has now reached her overall NATURAL HEALTHY WEIGHT GOAL

Having lost FOUR STONE - 25KG OR 56Ibs if you prefer old money, and in just TEN MONTHS following her initial trial

''When I first reached out to Anton it was because I was overweight and eating badly; felt weak - full of aches and pains and didn’t trust my body; and was scared of the long term consequences of all of that. What I asked for was to initially lose weight, but more importantly to develop healthy habits that I could stick to long term. I have never been someone for whom exercise comes easily but I have come to appreciate the regular routine and the way it makes me feel.


Losing weight is relatively simple on paper but the reality of changing a well-ingrained unhealthy lifestyle and keeping focus for so long was not easy and I struggled psychologically at times. Anton introduced me to his 5 pillar system which is a toolbox of techniques that help in all areas of life, not only health & fitness. I can honestly say that the system has improved my overall focus and well-being as well as being an integral part of achieving my weight loss goal


I have been surprised at just how tailored the system is; Anton has worked around my aches, pains and worries with insight and expertise that has made me super confident in his guidance. I’m feeling much more positive in general because I’m now tackling an issue that has been a constant niggling worry to me for over twenty years.

The balance of the 5-pillar system has taught me how to manage life’s normal frustrations which would have previously derailed my progress, and to be accountable to myself which is the key to moving forward.

If you are fed up with the way you feel and are ready to do something about it, I would thoroughly recommend Anton and the Waking the Warrior system to change your life for the better!''

These are only a few of all these amazing people doing amazing things!

Sound like something you need?

(Your trial, once complete, will then switch to the full monthly service unless cancelled within the trial - You will be fully notified and you can cancel at anytime!)

I will then be in touch ASAP and you can download your bespoke training app and fill out the online consultation & disclaimer (please be patient due to the bespoke nature of this coaching - its NOT a generic automated system)

You will then be able to access your bespoke coaching calendar where you just check in your personal routines/habits

Following your trial you will have the option to continue with the monthly online personal training, comes with full money back guarantee, so you can continue with your results from your bespoke routines, sustainable/enjoyable meals etc

OR just take away and continue what you have learnt during this trial period

(worth in access of £150)


PS- Not quite ready for this £1 trial offer?

Don't forget you can still sign up and claim my free wellness guide, my personal blueprint, and learn more about this simple system:


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