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Farmers Walk: Build Strength With Loaded Carries

'Farmers Walk' around the garden with 2x24kg kettlebells

Loaded carries are great for grip strength, building muscle, conditioning/work capacity. core strength and even improving the function of the shoulder girdle. Oh, and you can still build size with (kettlebells) farmers walks.

Above - It's me Anton Hedges (in fifth decade now) Online Health, Fitness, Longevity Expert!

If you've been following you will know we use kettlebells more for their functional and dynamic benefits, using movement patterns instead of just working muscles in isolation, as this offers a bigger bang for your buck

As they will build a strong pain free athletic physique and FAST oh and you can still build size and strength with kettles

Ask yourself, where do you usually see best bodies in gym ?

There not smashing out loads of cardio, No you will usually find them in the free weights area because these guys understand that strength training will help you achieve the body shape you desire

Instead of just doing cardio for weight loss where you lose that weight but have the EXACT same body shape?

So, you don't use but you don't have break out gym if that's your thing

However, you probably need to break out your routine

Just something to consider IF you are unhappy with your current reward to work ratio

Especially if you are not already incorporating strength work - Strength looks good and a strong body + strong mind =


Why all the guys I work with (both online and locally) can all now execute 10 full pull ups and the ladies 10 full push ups

And with regards to 'strength' training Farmers Walks are a great place to kick start

As they are easy enough to perform

So as long as you know how to use kinetic lifting (or how to deadlift) to pick up the weights and put them down safely (which is another good starting point in itself) all you have to do then is walk, with good posture.

Years ago a sports lecturer once told me weight lifting is easy, unlike our more usable strength and conditioning routines, you can either (pick it up and put down) perform the move with good form or you can't - End of!

Below is a video of one of our 'local' wellness warriors Sat performing the weighted farmers walk

Usually we aim for around 30 steps whilst keeping good posture and alignments (engaging core) etc - grab your copy of the free wellness guide for alignment tutorials:

If you going heavier then these farmers walks will incorporate more brute strength as opposed to our usable (functional) however, you can argue that you will use your farmers walk, when carrying and walking with your shopping or luggage etc

Below is a lookback to another short video of one of our former local wellness warriors Maria who is demonstrating a variation where she is walking whilst holding her 8kg kettlebell (weight) above her head.

This variation helps practising keeping the shoulder joint down in its socket when performing overhead exercises.

This also helps strengthens the shoulder joint..

The shoulder joint is the least stable joint in the body, and it's particularly prone to injury due to this instability.

Many people have limited shoulder mobility due to frequent slouching (desk jobs, looking at cell phones, poor posture). It's also common to overwork the chest and shoulders while failing to balance opposing muscle groups by working the upper back, When a joint is unstable and has limited mobility, the result is often injury and chronic pain.

However, this would usually be performed with a lighter weight due to the stability and alignment goals. Unlike maxing out with heavier weights on a farmers walk whilst holding your weights at your sides.

So there you go, why not start incorporating (some strength training/goals) farmers walks into your routine

if you want to get in (and stay) shape there is a whole foundation you will also need to incorporate a balanced approach (why we have the 5-pillar system balance) for example you will need to a blend of strength and resistance work, cardio conditioning, mobility/flexibility to aid performance, remove pain, and reduce injuries etc

I can show you how when you claim your free copy of the warrior wellness guide, my personal blueprint, that includes meal plans, routines, and a whole lot more:



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