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Healthy Homemade (Chicken Optional) Chow Mein

Chow Mein is one of my favourite noodle dishes

However, Chinese Takeaways (and takeaways in general) are full of salt, sugar, and MSG - Monosodium glutamate

(Yes I know you can get MSG free) leaves me with the MSG headache and serious dehydration.

Why these kind of dishes should be occasional as opposed to everyday foods/meals

That's just common sense, and the fact that we (the wellness warriors) incorporate and enjoy a variety of real natural foods that also includes things like healthier kebabs, curries, pizza, burgers etc

So, here is another Minute Meal (more meals on the YouTube channel) - Healthy alternative/options shown in under 1 min.

Unfortunately you can't cook them in a minute but usually under 15 mins and that's with fresh affordable produce

Above - Homemade Chicken Chow Mein With Butternut Squash Noodles

This was delicious and tasted so fresh and vibrant. Thank you! – Nicola Cale - Online Wellness Warrior

As mentioned, I've always enjoy a Asian noodle dish with chow mein being my fav, however, as we know most takeaways and restaurants there are a lot of hidden nasties.

I'm a big believer in not having any food restrictions.

It's going to be really tough to stick to a diet if you don't like the foods, right?

Also, the fact that I help coach a LOT of busy professionals who want to take back control of their overall wellbeing

So they look, move, and feel great and sustain it

Therefore, enjoying your food and meals is VITAL for ongoing success and consistency

Which was the initial reason I set up the healthy options minute meals

Chow Mein With Butternut Squash Noodles (We also make simple, quick, and easy homemade noodles - and tortillas etc - video at bottom)


Free range chicken breast or prawns or tofu for vegan/vegans

2 cloves of garlic

5cm ginger

1 red chili

Fresh coriander stalk/leaves

Spring Onions


Bean Sprouts

Butternut Squash (Gluten free if that's you thing) or Egg noodles

Soy Sauce

1 Lime (juice of half a lime)

How to make directions in the video below

Directions should always be short and to the point.

  1. Chop your garlic, chili, ginger, mushrooms and spring onions etc

  2. Add a little oil (olive?) to pan and pre heat

  3. Season your chicken breast or tofu and add to the heated pan

  4. Cook for 3-4 mins and then add garlic, ginger, and chili

  5. Now add your veg of choice, I'm using mushrooms and spring onions

  6. Add 2 tablespoons of soya sauce and half fresh lime juice

  7. Keep stirring as you cook/boil noodles - usually 6-8 mins or so for noodles

  8. Add cooked noodles to the pan and stir for another couple of minutes (until chicken now fully cooked)

  9. Serve with more spring onion and lime

  10. Enjoy

Below is another dish that also includes Chinese style bbq ribs with simple HOMEMADE noodles

If you'd like to make your own homemade noodles?

Check out the video below

If you'd like egg noodles/pasta then obviously add an egg into your dough mix.

Please feel free to share your experience of cooking this chow mein recipe in the comments below

Also feel free to grab your free warrior wellness guide that includes more meal recipes my meal plans, routines, fat/weight loss tools and a whole lot more:




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