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NO Cost Case Study Challenge (Limited Offer) Closing FRIDAY 26TH APRIL

its me Anton Hedges health, fitness, longevity expert in my fifth decade now..

Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years now helping busy professionals just like you, the main thing I have learned is everybody is individual and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

Thing is, many people (coaches included) only talk and think about exercise and calories/nutrition, which plays a part, but if you want amazing results that actually last

(unlike those transformations)

There is a whole foundation you need to get right..

This includes optimising your CNS (central nervous system) and hormone responses, especially as we age, so as to optimise your results and wellbeing

From, experience many people struggle with inflammation which causes you to store fat no matter what you do?

This probably sounds familiar if you are over 40? This is due to the hormone response which is why guys won't lose the stubborn belly and why ladies (especially menopausal) still just can't seem to lose weight

Lay down your foundation and you will optimise your hormone response, sustain your results and overall wellbeing

And I can show you how...

Which is why from years of experience within the health and fitness industry, research, study, and failure

Oh and all the quick fix BS stuff

I devised the warrior wellness system - My own personal blueprint

This simple PROVEN system for sustainable progress/results

And today, here's your chance to work with me personally with zero up front costs

(for a limited period - Closes April 26th)

Within this exclusive online NO COST case study challenge (open to BOTH men & women) where you will learn and apply this system (so you can takeaway a real usable system that actually works)

That these ordinary guys/girls are using to build and sustain a strong pain free body (AND mind)

That looks AND feels great

Without the need for hours of endless exercise the gyms, equipment (optional) or boring soul destroying diets

(we BOTH know diets don't work right?!?)

And since all those lockdown(s) I have been working on perfecting my online system and this new NO COST online wake up warrior' case study challenge 

And I can say it is as close to perfect as can be and I'll be real honest here (which is the best way right?) offering some free coaching is great for my marketing and brand awareness whilst allowing me to give a bit back and help people just like YOU


And the success rate is currently 100% with everyone, for:

1- Burning fat (losing weight) FAST

2- Building real usable strength - toning up 

3- BOTH the above = Get ripped and sustaining it 

4, Healthy balanced enjoyable (therefore) sustainable eating

yep you can have a few beers and make this work

5, Pain free movement

Iron out those imbalances and improve agility/flexibility

6, Improved mental and emotional wellbeing

7, Feel strong, empowered, and full of energy 


just like busy professionals like Mark below

I decided to contact Anton and see if he could help me with my back pain and general flexibility. I signed up to the No cost case study challenge and I have to say it’s been great. For the first time in months for the last four days I have NO back pain  The online workouts are really good. I have lost fat from my sides and stomach and gained strength. I have signed up to the next month and am excited to see what happens.

I would highly recommend! Mark Ponting

And one of our recent case study challenge Rhia who posted this in our private support group

''I registered for the online no cost case study challenge as I have felt constantly tired and have struggled to lose my tum and tone up.

The online app is easy to navigate and in just a couple of week I have lost kg's and feel much more energised. I no longer have niggles in my back and have also lost inches off my waist and am now back in my target outfits.

I've really enjoyed the challenge with Anton, he is very knowledgeable. He kept me motivated to stick to the tasks and I enjoyed it which is why I'm now looking to continue my progress.

Anton is patient in his approach even if you have two left feet like myself sometimes He's made me laugh and comfortable to set new goals and tasks. He’s always there to help and give guidance.

Thank you Anton''

Rhia Lewry

Also busy parents Gareth Cope and Michelle Hill lost (and sustained) 25kg using this simple proven system

Above is a perfect example of Gareth's inflammation/bloating!

Ready to kick start your results?

Want to be another one of our case study success stories?

Right now YOU have the the opportunity to be 1 of the 5 NEW NO COST online case study challenge guys I am are looking to take on RIGHT NOW - Closes Friday 26th April 2024


If you like what you hear you can register to be one of the lucky 5 that we are taking on NOW

(be quick offers like these don't come around often) 

Apply here for the online challenge: 

Please note to be accepted for this opportunity you must:

1, Have access to wifi/whatapp connection

2- WANT it to be successful (this aint for flakey 'victim' types) 


3- Are PREPARED to give up 20-30 minutes of your time each day for this life changing training and RESULTS

4, Believe that you can lose up to 2inches of belly flab, remove aches, start to look and feel stronger, toned, and full of confidence and energy 

just as all these current guys and girls ARE doing 


In case you were wondering what's the costs to join...

Here's the VERY COOL bit...


There's NO upfront costs, yep you read that correctly - there is ZERO upfront fee to pay,

pretty cool right?

There will be the chance to join the main ongoing programme (but this is OPTIONAL) from experience once you have achieved these results you WILL want to achieve more, BUT..

I'm SO confident this will explode your results and the way you look and feel

There's NO initial payment for the coaching and system. ALL we want in return for this?

Is a short (written) review of the results you get -

(Pictures are optional and the ones shown here are all with permission)


You can apply for this powerful NO COST coaching today here --->  

See you on the inside


PS - As mentioned this offer is time sensitive and closes this FRIDAY 26TH APRIL 2024

Register TODAY

It's time because If nothing happens



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