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How To Get A 6-Pack Fast: The Magic Pill

There are a few main reasons why people exercise

Usually it will be for the following:

> Overall health and wellbeing

> Performance - Sports specific and events (marathons etc)

> Appearance - The look, 6-packs and the like

Above - It's me, Anton Hedges, health, fitness, and longevity expert, in my fifth decade now.

The problem is, the majority of people, coaches included, train solely for the look.

While it's correct to aspire to look and feel your best (show me somebody who says they don't want to look good and I'll show you a liar) training primarily for the look isn't the way to health any more than possessing the look is indicative of genuine health...


As someone who has worked n the 'health and fitness' industry for over 20 years

I like to think of myself as 'passionate' about health and fitness. To me, it comes with the territory.

Sadly, when I look around at my industry peers?

I don't think the feeling is mutual. With the advent of social media...

Personal trainers, coaches, 'health' experts can reach more people than ever before.

So much so, that many of these have now become 'fitness influencers'...

And use their new found ‘celebrity’ status to make lots of money online.

Sadly, in order to stand out from the crowd, a lot of these 'influencers' risk their health...

By taking lots of 'special supplements’ that you can't buy in your local Holland & Barrett.

(And I'm not just talking about the men!)

If they want to fill themselves full of that shite then that is their choice, just don't lie about it, I have to be honest- even Joe Wicks the body coach is full of BS (for another blog) and with how he's doing it all for the community!

There are just so many now that you will see including some of your fav celeb trainers - Sour grapes?

Am I jealous of their popularity and earnings

Absolutely, however, I pride myself on integrity and earning a decent living in a morale way

(and I'm not bothered about being one of these influencers - if you need your life to be influenced by strangers online then you already have issues - Its all just fake and filtered BS anyway)

To be fair though, this is my issue with social media in general...

Hemsworth and all the Hollywood brigade are on the juice, although they do STILL have to do the work, yet we're not told the full picture and then compare ourselves and wonder why we struggle?

Social media steals energy, encouraging comparing ourselves to others and 'doom scrolling' on social feeds to a paralysis of choice and chasing external gratification, along with the supposed status and materialism that does nothing to nurture authentic happiness.

Take Instagram, it's the BIGGEST fake filtered site with the BIGGEST amount of FAKE 'influencers'

Where people constantly compare to these manipulated fake and filtered (perfect) lives, and bodies, that doesn't show or offer full transparency (regardless of those special supplements)

The 'health' and fitness industry is (ironically) TERRIBLE for this, from the outside everything looks perfect...

On the inside? Trust me, it's a VERY different story.

They're often just as insecure as people OUTSIDE the industry, probably more so!

Similar deal to a lot of these 'celebs' that I have also 'followed' and have come to notice that many have the same insecurities, even if they attempt to hide on their socials.

Which was why it was refreshing to see Zak Efron open up in an interview about the pressure he faced to achieve a near-perfect body for the role. But it ultimately took a toll on his physical and mental health.

“That Baywatch look, I don’t know if that’s really attainable," he said, explaining that it "required Lasix" and "powerful diuretics" to achieve. After months of gruelling training, it all came to a head. (Link to article at the bottom)

Although, I saw he was now 'transforming' for a new role that required him to BULK up = steriods

That will be his clarity, but at least he addressed that perfect body BS in that article

You see a lot of 'transformation' coaches or worse still they label themselves 'health' coaches are usually doing 'photo shoots' which obviously also have major manipulation (lighting, angles, make up etc) these guys will have done things that are not good for their physical or mental health including dehydrating themselves (similar to Zak and his Lasix, if that was the only 'supplement' he used) for said pictures

Therefore, not offering full transparency about the fact it's unsustainable yet they will use the phot shoot pics ALL YEAR attempting to make you believe they can sustain it in attempt to to sell you their shitty programme

Health coaches? Phawww

Or below - How to get a 6-pack FAST!

Above- Just demonstrating what we think of 6-pack (appearance only) goals and attitudes

See, I receive a lot of messages from people who want to:

1, Build some strength and muscle tone/shape

2, Torch fat (weight loss)

3, Improve their health and wellbeing

However, when it comes to priorities?

Some people seem to care a lot more about the first two...

Than they do about number three, Therefore, just making it all about appearance (is it their fault? Not entirely considering what we're fed as already mentioned briefly above ) and whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, show me somebody who says they don't?

I'll show you a bullshitter.

Here's the thing, the look isn't the way to health any more than possessing the look is indicative of genuine health, it's fool's gold (Are you singing Stone Roses too?)

Sadly, if I were to offer a 'magic pill' to the general public that:

1.) Strengthen and toned your body.

2.) Melted your body fat.

3.) Risked illness later in life.

A lot of people would take me up on the offer

It seems that a lot of people are happy to sacrifice their long-term health...

In exchange for short-term aesthetics especially in the world of (fake, filtered, highlighted) social media

This is a huge mistake, although as mentioned we are NOT helped by the 'industry' and why the balanced 5-pillar warrior wellness system is all about HEALTH

You only get one body and if you don't look after it now...

It won't look after you in the future which is why the balanced wake up warrior 5-pillar system is all about


Ironically, if you actually make ‘health’ your number one priority

You're almost guaranteed to look better as a result.

You'll look and be 'strong and healthy'

You'll carry less body fat.

You'll tone up as a result of being more active

You will also feel better and not to mention you will have clearer skin, shinier hair, whiter eyes, fresher breath, better digestion, and stronger nails. (Which are often tell-tale signs that someone is in good health.)

If you focus on ‘health’ as your number one priority?

You can get everything you want...

Without having to chase that elusive 'magic pill'.

If you want a healthy, lean, strong body...

That will serve you for an entire lifetime?

(And not just look good on social media!)

There is a whole foundation you need to get right if you want amazing results that last

Want me to show you how?

Anton 'not magic' Hedges

PS - If so then grab your free copy of my 5-pillar warrior wellness guide, my personal blueprint, that includes routines, and meal plans etc:


Me, Yahoo news, Martin Sheehan


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