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Transformation Truths

The TRUTH about those 'transformations'

Above - My thoughts on those social media 'body transformations' Why? Read on and all will be revealed...

I'm sure you have seen these body 'transformations' all over social media and anywhere they can be marketed?

Now, I'm not talking about changing and transforming your life for the better, this should be commended and it's also very exciting.. No, it's about those quick fix body image and 6-pack transformations that don't show the REALITY

Whilst there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to improve your appearance, show me somebody who says they don't want to look good and I will show you a liar BUT do these transformations tell the whole story? Are you just being set up to fail? Are these realistic and sustainable goals?

Are the coaches that selling these 6-pack SECRETS and transformations doing you an injustice

See, many of these transformations packages you see are usually geared around the short-term

Hence, why they are 6, 10, 12 weeks or whatever it is...

There maybe some kind of 'photoshoot' at the end of this challenge, which of course will help with some motivation etc

However, these pics are usually manipulated including all kinds of unhealthy dehydration and strips downs

>Which when you think about it is a bodybuilding approach - which is about a look NOT health<

Yet, the MAJORITY, not all but most, including the coaches that promote this approach...

Can NOT maintain that shape all year round, due to the restrictions and manipulations which of course is understandable, however, for me personally what isn't acceptable is saying this is about HEALTH

Also, the fact that many just get outta shape, or even fat, until the next....


Which ironically is like being a yo-yo dieter - NOT HEALTHY for your physical, mental, OR spiritual wellbeing

My issue with that would be these so called experts and celeb coaches lie about the above manipulation dehydration etc, therefore, not offering full transparency. Worse still they then use their photo shoot pictures all year round, you know when they are no longer in that shape, in an attempt to sell their programmes

We talked before about how many people solely exercise for the 'look'

While it's correct to aspire to look and feel your best, training primarily for the look isn't the way to health anymore than possessing the look is indicative of genuine health, it's fool's gold.

Thing is, for me, it's about CLARITY!

What is it you really want and why..

My clarity and leverage is my overall wellbeing (mental & emotional NOT just the physical) so I continue to look, move, and feel great, therefore, ongoing movement/exercise and mindful consumption isn't a chore for me

IF your clarity is to just get to a certain shape or push yourself to see how you look once in your life then that is your clarity but it's not about sustainable living, so I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just DIFFERENT

The wake up warrior system is a more sustainable balanced approach, for both men and women.

IF you've been following for a while you will know we are about HEALTH AND LONGEVITY

We are ALSO about WAKING up and building a better relationship with what we consumption and taking responsibility for it, alongside regular exercise/movement. This is done with that simple PROVEN 5-pillar balance

Once you have this correct balance, a lifestyle if you will, you will ALSO then discover the aesthetics follow naturally AND stay around . As the all the guys (& gals) using this system are now discovering and with rapid results

SO, is it your fault that you/we chase such unrealistic goals?

Above - An relevant post I took a screenshot of, it's not a video if I caught up out :p

A lot of it comes down to what we're fed through the media with regards to these 'perfect life' syndrome where people FILTER their lives, status and happiness and same deal with these 'perfect bodies' that you see fitness professionals promote/filter that just ADDS to peoples physical and mental health issues

Instead of promoting 'normal bodies' - which is what is wrong with the HEALTH industry

(People ONLY show their highlights on social media)

Especially when you consider that 'special supplements' also come into play...

Steroids are rampant among fitness influencers, trainers and bodybuilders say. Most use in secret, claiming their gains come from workouts and diet plans.

The personal trainer Tobias Holt, an open steroid user who has coached fitness influencers, says that nearly all of them are on some form of PED. "Anyone that tells you that they're not, they're a fucking liar," he said.

The consequences of that secrecy go far beyond risks to influencers' health.

By presenting their steroid-induced muscle growth as the result of workout and diet plans that their followers can purchase, influencers are making money based on false claims, steroid researchers and industry experts report.

And in the process, they're creating a body ideal that's unattainable for even the most dedicated gymgoers, which could lead to body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

take the cover models for example...

Then there is the cover models that you see on the front of HEALTH magazines There is a fair amount of airbrushing used by the bigger magazines/companies, ever seen Kardashians arse without the airbrush? Full of cellulite, and as also mentioned these guys and girls don't walk around in that kind of shape every day of the year, once they have completed their 'transformation' Also, if it's a strip down transformation its not overly healthy to have such a LOW-fat % as we need some fat to protect vital organs and so on (for another email) so these 'coaches' and those 'health mags' (they make a lot of their money through adverts) will manipulate, especially when selling a product, and they will usually opt for very old BEFORE pictures.

These pictures could possibly be as old as 5-10 years ago or perhaps to use a picture when they (client) were at their biggest or WORST many YEARS before they even met their 'transformation' coach.

A lot of these 'after' pics are taken after extreme calorie deficit 'diets' (yikes hate the word) just for the shoot that includes lighting, angles, and oils oh and also a period of dehydration to become more vascular etc

Similar to bodybuilder style shreds and strip downs. Bodybuilders have that clarity of standing on stage in their pants and hats off to the work and dedication

However, lets not get confused - This is NOT about HEALTH or Fitness!

One of my local in-person wake up warriors, who had trained with another local coach before he came to me, said this guy was all about 'massive action' and 'transformations' which is the complete opposite of what we do!

Apparently his 'transformation' coach told him to push his belly out on his before picture and then of course attempt to pull it all in, alongside the other manipulation tactics, for his after picture some weeks later.

Which is why he now trains with me, along with many of his friends and family now. See as a busy businessman in his 50's who originally had a lot of back pain had a DIFFERENT clarity to this generic aesthetic transformation approach..

Learn MORE about why the wake up warrior system is different here:

I've talked about 'the usual' before about the majority of guys (& gals) I work with are busy family orientated professionals who usually dislike or just don't have time for the gym environment but they want to take back control of their bodies, fitness, and yes, appearance

They want to build strength/tone and burn unwanted fat (weight loss) is a fast sustainable SAFE manor - The Usual!

Not to mention, removing those annoying aches and pains (back pain being the most common) that are usually just caused from everyday imbalances from occupational activities and recreational...back to isolated gym workouts and machines that dictate your natural movement patterns

Therefore, they want to build and sustain a strong pain free body that not only looks but also feels great and fast without hours of ruining yourself in the gym (just speeding up the ageing process) and boring restrictive diets

Enter the 5-pillar system - Once this is achieved, as it all depends on where you are starting from, some of these guys MAY want to then go a bit further just to see what they can FULLY achieve aesthetically, which is why I have guys in their 50's who have abs, however this is still done with the correct balance of that physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing...

Not stripping, shredding, bulking and yo-yoing that is not our thing

Also having clarity on what you want and why..

E.G - **Also if you are a weight division athlete and need to be a set weight at a set time then again drastic measures maybe needed but for the everyday person looking at general health and fitness this isn't the best approach.**

If you are starting out with exercise and are in need of weight (fat) loss for your HEALTH then yes you will need to be an energy deficit but we also look at, and have a system for, the bigger picture of all the phycological and emotional issues involved. Check out how online wake up warrior Michelle finally broke the yo-yo cycle and lost 25kg over 10 months in a safe efficient manor through using the 5-pillar system:

You should also have a training goal(s) to work towards, then you can set a strategy plan, this will allow you to create excitement for what you are doing, creating some fire and purpose, instead of just creating stress and overwhelm, which are a sure sign you haven't got a strategy. Lack of planning = Lack of progress

You should also set a deadline for this goal because a goal without a deadline is just a dream.

That way you can monitor your progress, which is vital, as many people will give up due to lack of progress, but if you are not monitoring how do you know? If you are not assessing you are just guessing!

Then, once you have achieved a smaller process goal this then takes you once step closer to your OVERALL goal whilst help keeping you focused. However, all this can't be achieved without your clarity

If you are just starting out from a sedentary lifestyle and want to just improve your overall fitness (health) and wellbeing then the very LAST thing you need is MASSIVE action, standard coaches go to quote, because this kind of one extreme to the other action isn't sustainable.

Setting big goals and restrictive diets, that you WILL resent at some point, will make you miserable which will then lead to giving up again. Right now, your GOAL should just be CONSISTENCY, to actually do the 3 weekly walks, run, workouts etc for the first 4 weeks (whilst educating and just attempting to eat a little better)

If you are a bit more experienced and have FULL clarity then great, however, your goals should STILL be realistic and achievable (part of the SMART goal system)

Below is an example of SMART goals (if you didn't already know) which are great for breaking down overall goals into process goals. This in-turn also helps avoid those FEELINGS (that's all they are) of overwhelm

SPECIFIC - I want to burn 2 inches belly fat = Starting data

MEASURABLE - 30-day deadline to monitor progress (5-pillar system minimum commitment)

ACHIEVABLE - burn 2 inches of belly fat is achievable because my guys do it regularly

REALISTIC - if you have a waist of 40 you won't reach a 6-pack in 30-days therefore this is unrealistic

TIME-BOUND - have a deadline for your goal - 30-days

>REMEMBER - If you are NOT assessing you are just GUESSING<

Once you eventually reached your SMART goal/outcome you will then keep the motivation to exercise regularly because if you have just achieved this outcome through sustainable approach then you will be more likely to continue with it for LIFE!

None of this can be done with that all important clarity!!!

Achieving your ideal shape (and life) will take planning but once you have achieved it sustaining and maintaining is so much easier and this is what I mean by more likely to maintain it as you will have built a a better relationship with exercise and food instead of just letting it all go and falling back in to the same old ways?

Many people (including many coaches) only talk and think about exercise and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right...

Why the wake up warrior system is NOT a 'transformation'

It's an ongoing process of exercise and daily movement (alongside balanced consumption - taking responsibility) for health and longevity which is my CLARITY and why I can stay in shape ALL year round with relative ease

Side note - I do however throw in occasional CHALLENGES

To help monitor progress, stay motivated, and it also helps keep things interesting!

Think about the push or pull up and squat challenges we have run for instance, if you can do one more push up then you have progressed and increased your upper body strength etc and as we know the human brain is happiest when making progress. So it may even be half inch off the belly, as monitored using the smart goal system above

My personal challenges are usually leading up to a birthday so as to see what the body can achieve as it ages.

Also last Christmas 2022 I added (and sustained) 3kg of muscle WITHOUT the fat, in just a couple of months, and I also did a get ripped challenge that wasn't much fun at all and definitely unsustainable.

Above - Low fat challenge Everyday body shape all year round Xmas 2022 Muscle build CHALLENGE

However, I maintain the same shape and the same amount of body fat/weight all year round REGARDLESS of these challenges I do to mix things up a little BUT also for research purposes.

Final thought: Get clear clarity on what you want, why, and what you are prepared to do. If you are just starting out?

Don't buy into and constantly compare yourself to all the fake filtered BS on social media!

Consider giving regular ‪exercise and healthy balanced and sustainable eating (got to be sustainable) at least 3 months and get used to the fact that this is your new LIFESTYLE and once you stop you'll go back to where you started.

It's a work that's never done, but it's so worth it!

Anton 'truth' Hedges

PS - Interested to learn more about the 5-pillar health longevity lifestyle system

And that healthy balanced sustainable/enjoyable eating

Regardless of what you've tried before and all the misinformation out there

Feel free to grab my no strings free personal blueprint:

Sources - Me, The Insider, Men's Health

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