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Michelle's Story: How Michelle Finally Broke That Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle

Here's Michelle, one of the online coaching wake up warriors, demonstrating the art of healthy sustainable weight loss/management. Having lost 25kg she has now FINALLY broken that frustrating yo-yo cycle of 2 stone on and off..

And has reached her (overall goal) natural healthy weight

Michelle has lost 25kg or 4 stone or 56Ibs, whichever you prefer, and all in just 10 months...

Michelle has FINALLY broken years of that yo-yo cycle (2 stone off 2 stone on) and has reached her target weight in a safe, effective, and sustainable way using this simple proven system!

All without hours of endless exercise, gyms, and boring soul destroying diets

Diets DON'T work, we BOTH know that..

Many people (coaches included) only talk about training and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right.

Grab the free wake up warrior training guide to learn more:

Above, Michelle (and moi - Anton Hedges Health/Longevity Expert) during one of her weekly private online coaching sessions from her home in the Isle of Wight.

These exclusive private online coaching sessions (either the 1.2 per week option) run alongside our bespoke online app (same for the local in-person private coaching option - currently full) that includes a personal calendar/schedule

With simple fun follow along routines that also include the 5-pillar balance of strength, fitness, recovery, mobility/flexibility

Here's what Michelle said about her online coaching:

''When I first reached out to Anton it was because I was overweight and eating badly; felt weak - full of aches and pains and didn’t trust my body; and was scared of the long term consequences of all of that. What I asked for was to initially lose weight, but more importantly to develop healthy habits that I could stick to long term. I have never been someone for whom exercise comes easily but I have come to appreciate the regular routine and the way it makes me feel.

Losing weight is relatively simple on paper but the reality of changing a well-ingrained unhealthy lifestyle and keeping focus for so long was not easy and I struggled psychologically at times. Anton introduced me to his 5 pillar system which is a toolbox of techniques that help in all areas of life, not only health & fitness. I can honestly say that the system has improved my overall focus and well-being as well as being an integral part of achieving my weight loss goal

I have been surprised at just how tailored the system is; Anton has worked around my aches, pains and worries with insight and expertise that has made me super confident in his guidance. I’m feeling much more positive in general because I’m now tackling an issue that has been a constant niggling worry to me for over twenty years.

Recording my results on the app and my bi-weekly online sessions with Anton kept me accountable to him, but the 5-pillar system has taught me how to manage life’s normal frustrations which would have previously derailed my progress, and to be accountable to myself which is the key to moving forward. If you are fed up with the way you feel and are ready to do something about it, I would thoroughly recommend Anton and the Waking the Warrior system to change your life for the better!''

Michelle has learned that regardless of the goal

Be it weight loss of ANY life goal

Suffering is OPTIONAL, more here:

What about you, do you EVER wonder why you stop start on what you say you want?

And continue to stay STUCK with your current reality and results?

Remember to achieve the results you truly desire, just like Michelle

You don't have to beast or crush anything, it's way more BORING than that

You just have to do and monitor the often mundane stuff consistently

You know the stuff that actually works and where the RESULTS are far from boring!

Anton 'bore-fest' Hedges

PS - Struggling with your weight?

Many coaches only talk about training and calories/nutrition But if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right

If I was to ask you to answer the question below honestly?

A, I don't know how to lose/maintain a heathy weight

B, I know what to do I just can't seem to do it

I'm guessing that you would have chosen B?

You see, from over 20+ years experience, research/study, (and yep failure) within the health/fitness industry

Weight loss management or any goal, usually comes down to either...

A skillset or mindset issue (I can help with both)

However from the above question, for the majority, it will be a mindset issue...

See, how can two people have the EXACT same coaching, tools, resources etc YET come back with 2 completely DIFFERENT result/outcomes???

MINDSET - The beliefs/attitudes held by someone. This is why our 'BELIEFS' system can hold us back..

And why it's ONE of the FIVE pillars

Do you have fixed beliefs (fixed mindset) or open beliefs (growth mindset) ?

Take it from someone who knows, beliefs (waking up to denial) can keep us stuck, miserable, and unhappy!

It also why the wake up warrior 5-pillar system came to be..

I also know people will NEVER step up and make the changes they know are required until

>> The pain of change outweighs the pain of staying the same<<

Suffering with your current results and reality?

Grab my free no strings wake up warrior 5-pillar blueprint here:


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