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Your Suffering is OPTIONAL: Weight Loss & Beyond!

Do you EVER wonder why you continue to stay stuck with your current reality and results?

Why you continue to just stop start on what you say you want?

Then I'm guessing you are also worried or interested to get a hold of your weight, health, and overall wellbeing?

Thing is, many people will only talk and look at exercise and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right...

If we take weight loss and managing your natural healthy weight WITHOUT suffering as an EXAMPLE?

I have a question for YOU...

Above - Michelle, one of the online coaching wake up warriors, demonstrating the art of healthy sustainable weight loss

25kg or 4 stone or 56Ibs, whichever you prefer, and all in just 10 months...

Michelle has FINALLY broken years of that yo-yo cycle (2 stone off 2 stone on) and has reached her target weight in a safe, effective, and sustainable way using this simple proven system!

Michelle has learned that suffering is OPTIONAL...

What about you, do you EVER wonder why you stop start on what you say you want?

And continue to stay STUCK with your current reality and results?

It's something I'm kinda obsessed with especially since waking up myself (wake up warrior) and the fact that I experience it a lot of a daily basis. Also why and how the wake up warrior 5-pillars came to be...

You know, how people say that want things to change but then go and do the same thing that keeps them/you stuck

People who tell me they want accountability.. then when it comes to being accountable?


The truth? NO-ONE really give a sh*t about your excuses and justifications but you ⁣

If you’re not doing the things you said you would?

You haven’t created enough emotional attachment..⁣

Example - People continue to stay and go to jobs they dislike due to the emotional attachment of being paid!

Listen, I'm going to have to be REAL HONEST here - Do you want Coaching or Cheerleading?

See, I have to give warning, this post has the potential to DRASTICALLY change your results, however, it isn't for those looking for a cheerleader and someone to tell them everything is alright when it's clearly not!

**(I once had a guy tell me that's what people want - yep he was a good few stone overweight in his denial)**

Especially if you are stuck, miserable, and unhappy with your current results and reality

Regardless of if this is about achieving and maintaining your ideal natural healthy weight or


However, with regards to using weight and or managing your weight as an example?

Energy deficits, stress - inflammation, menstrual cycles, hormones (cortisol) etc all come into play...

However, all these guys I work with have managed to navigate ALL these issues (AND some) with success, using the proven wake up warrior system, instead of using them as just another story/excuse!

So, if you are struggling to reach and maintain your 'healthy' body weight?

Here's the question...

If I was to ask you to answer honestly?

A, I don't know how to lose/maintain a heathy weight

B, I know what to do I just can't seem to do it

I'm guessing that you would have chosen B?

You see, from over 20+ years experience, research/study, (and yep failure) within the health/fitness industry

Weight loss management or any goal, usually comes down to either...

A skillset or mindset issue (I can help with both)

However from the above question, for the majority, it will be a mindset issue...

See, how can two people have the EXACT same coaching, tools, resources etc YET come back with 2 completely DIFFERENT result/outcomes???

MINDSET - The beliefs/attitudes held by someone. This is why our 'BELIEFS' system can hold us back..

Do you have fixed beliefs (fixed mindset) or open beliefs (growth mindset) ?

Take it from someone who knows, beliefs (waking up to denial) can keep us stuck, miserable, and unhappy!

It also why the wake up warrior 5-pillar system came to be..

We hang on to our fixed beliefs and just continue to do the same thing yet expect different results?

This is due to the 'emotional cycle of change'- As well as our old friend 'FEAR'

Fear of change, fear of failure, of how challenging it may be, what others will think etc (Been there done ALL of that)

This is why CLARITY is VITAL - Then you can find your LEVERAGE - Reason for taking action and being accountable.

(All these 'mindset' post/tools including the cycle of change are detailed on our FB page)

Therefore, to create NEW RESULTS we must create NEW BEHAVIOURS but before we can do that we must take on


A new way of thinking, but before you can change your behaviour you have to change your mindset

Why questioning these very beliefs that hold us back is required.

The reason most won't? and just stay the same.. >>There is an element of being WRONG <<

See, most are not prepared to be wrong, I get things wrong ALL the time and this is GOOD as long as we learn as opposed to just continuing to repeat the same cycle

People prefer to hang on to those beliefs, results, reality. Which is also why these days I won't work with just anyone..

And now time for a confession, Something that no other ‘coach’ would even consider admitting to, you know those guru guys with their 100% success rates :p See, for many years now I've coached hundreds of guys (& girls) who want to improve their fitness, body shape, and overall well-being so they can look, move, and feel great about themselves

Without endless exercise, gyms, boring soul destroying diets (we both Know they don't work) and expensive supplements

They all want to build strength and tone up, lose weight and burn that stubborn belly flab as well remove those annoying aches and pains (back pain etc) AND from anywhere (online) Whilst STILL being able to enjoy their life.. And I'm proud to tell you that our results are outstanding AND that's why these guys choose to stay AND keep coming back but here’s a SHOCKING confession

And again, something that no other ‘coach’ would even consider admitting to.. My proven balanced wake up warrior 5-pillar system.... it DOESNT work for everyone who joins us <<-- shock eh? Why? Well, it ain’t because the stuff I’m sharing isn’t of a Word Class Standard

Or that we don’t hold people to doing what they said they would Or that we don’t offer brilliant service and support Nope, You see…. There's always someone who thinks it different for them Read again ^^^^ They’ll come with more excuses, stories, and but's and I get it I really do, I used to believe that sh*t too...

That it was different for me My work, my age, my town.... My anxiety, my stress, my 12 hour days are different

My body was different That I had a special ‘type’ of problem ALL UTTER B*LLSH1T All nothing more than an excuse to NOT have to do something different and even though I'm a good.. f*ck that

GREAT coach With a simple proven system where we have created an environment where YOU CAN NOT FAIL

but the truth is this: IF you are unhappy with your results and reality YOU have to be READY to wake up to your own BS, just as I had too (returning to clarity) EVENTUALLY and then wished I had done it so much sooner.

You have to be open with that growth mindset OR an attitude adjustment if you like

How is your attitude? The worst attitude? Entitlement (whole other post) but briefly..

These days most people are stuck to their phones and disconnected

We can have what we want when we want 24-7

This brings about the next thing EVERY one craves? COMFORT

Consider that Life is a growth centred experience and NOT a comfort based one

(similar to the fixed/growth mindset right?)

EXAMPLE - YEARS ago I used to run a group health fitness camp

A lot of these guys would turn up in their top of the range motors but before we had even discussed anything

This one lady who wanted to lose X amount of weight but also informed me 'I'm not giving up my roast dinner for anything' Well firstly I never asked you too, however, you have made the conscious decision to 'come meet with me but you want to lay down ground rules before we have even started.

Whilst at the very same time shouting with that air of entitlement ''This better work''

Just PASSING that responsibility with a whole load of STORIES - See above!

Therefore, When the student is READY, the teacher will appear!

From my own (painful) experience this will usually ONLY happens when

>>The pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change<<

WHEN you've have FINALLY had enough of SUFFERING

Not to be confused with inevitable struggles, that's life, however suffering is OPTIONAL

This is what happened for Michelle, remember from the top, who is one of hundreds of wake up warriors

Who when the inevitable mindset issues of weight loss appeared I (the proven system) had the exact tool for her EVERY time. The struggles, thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all NORMAL but our perception and reaction to them are the key.

And the difference for Michelle?

She had clear clarity on what she wanted, why, AND what she was prepared to do to achieve it. We devised a simple accountable strategy that allowed her to


She was ready, and OPEN, she listened understood, and applied.

She didn't HIDE! She didn't say it was DIFFERENT for her

And she didn't throw her toys out the pram as soon when she was receiving the required coaching instead of the comfortable the cheerleading. No coincidence she has continued to hit each and EVERY weekly target.

Why now just 10 months later she is at her natural healthy (target) weight and has a lifestyle system!

What Michelle said about her online coaching:

''When I first reached out to Anton it was because I was overweight and eating badly; felt weak - full of aches and pains and didn’t trust my body; and was scared of the long term consequences of all of that. What I asked for was to initially lose weight, but more importantly to develop healthy habits that I could stick to long term. I have never been someone for whom exercise comes easily but I have come to appreciate the regular routine and the way it makes me feel.

Losing weight is relatively simple on paper but the reality of changing a well-ingrained unhealthy lifestyle and keeping focus for so long was not easy and I struggled psychologically at times. Anton introduced me to his 5 pillar system which is a toolbox of techniques that help in all areas of life, not only health & fitness. I can honestly say that the system has improved my overall focus and well-being as well as being an integral part of achieving my weight loss goal

I have been surprised at just how tailored the system is; Anton has worked around my aches, pains and worries with insight and expertise that has made me super confident in his guidance. I’m feeling much more positive in general because I’m now tackling an issue that has been a constant niggling worry to me for over twenty years.

Recording my results on the app and my bi-weekly online sessions with Anton kept me accountable to him, but the 5-pillar system has taught me how to manage life’s normal frustrations which would have previously derailed my progress, and to be accountable to myself which is the key to moving forward. If you are fed up with the way you feel and are ready to do something about it, I would thoroughly recommend Anton and the Waking the Warrior system to change your life for the better!''

IF you are suffering right now, regardless of the issue, you have two choices..

1, Get triggered, angry, at this post (play the victim) Stick with that closed/fixed mindset of I know better, not prepared to be wrong which is fine, if you accept - If nothing changes NOTHING CHANGES!

This is why a few former clients, who had all the stories, can walk away safe in the knowledge they were RIGHT

Will now STAY in the EXACT same situation and why others like Michelle will continue to flourish and progress


2, Consider the above points and DO (Not try Not talk) actually DO something different.

It's as simple as that if you would only just get out of your own way!

If you are interested to learn more about this simple proven balanced 5pillar system for not only guaranteed physical results (if you are ready) but also mental and emotional tools required, as touched on in the post, if so grab my free no string 5-pillar blueprint here:

Anton 'wake up warrior' Hedges

PS -You may also be interested to know that due to the interest in the system, the results, and many requests from both men and ladies I will be looking to run an exclusive Online Warrior Weight Loss/Wellness Challenge

If you feel you are READY?

Drop me a private message (as numbers will be limited) or alternatively grab the free wake up warrior 5-pillar blueprint

Includes more mindset/weight loss tools and info on this upcoming online weight loss challenge:

Sources: Me, Byron Katy, Paul Mort, Elizabeth Gilbert, Peaceful Warrior


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