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Productivity & Procrastination: How to use that FEAR to get MORE done by working less!

This is also a great way to banish procrastination...

Which of course is just ANOTHER form of


We've talked about the f-word before

In these posts, all over my social media, and in my world famous emails

Briefly, fear can cripple us and stop is from doing what it is we really want!

It can lead us to procrastinate and halt out progress/productivity

Over the years I've lost count of how many books I've read how many webinars and workshops I've attended on the topic of: ''Self-Improvement''


"Productivity" I could share all the tips with you in the world about the laws of the universe

and all that unicorn stuff about

blocking out distractions and 'eating frogs' but there's ONE tip that WILL work better than ANY of those above and in my honest humble opinion is the most simple...

Prefer audio? watch this video above..

CREATE AND STICK TO DEADLINES ever noticed how much you produce the week before you go on holiday? I remember just before my last holiday the amount I got completed in that last week was immense why does that always happen? URGENCY

which is why all these guys who are achieving and sustaining the best shape of their lives

physically, mentally, and emotionally

using the online wake up warrior 5-pillar system

will set outcomes and goals for each area of our system

we then declare them in our private support/accountability group

as well as revealing our results

to all the other guys pushing and progressing on together

which WILL also help with that procrastination, as mentioned previously

Being held accountable helps us use that fear (of failure, or whatever it is) to drive us on and you will be more likely to the required work (kicking procrastination in the nuts)

and if you don't hit your desired outcomes

who cares?

you are going to be a LOT closer to where you want to be by taking


instead of just sitting about 'TALKING' about all the things you are going to do)

and then the domino effect kicks in..

confidence, motivation, and progress build

and as we know the human brain is at it's happiest when

its making PROGRESS (no matter how small)

so, get real about what it is you want and why

set an outcome/goal with a deadline

and commit

because a goal without a deadline is just a DREAM

Anton 'outcome' Hedges PS- Don't forget you can claim your free 5-pillar blueprint and learn more about how all these ordinary guys and girls are upgrading their health, body, mind - lifestyle

For ongoing optimum health and happiness >>

- -

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