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Thinking of Hiring a Coach/PT?

Even though I wrote this at the start of 2020, you will still find it useful if you are looking to hire/employ a health fitness coach, you know when everyone is pushing that new year new me BS

You know, when the festive season is but a distant memory And you have all the New Year goals..

Are you doing all the things YOU said you would do OR reverted back to type (again) already?

If you've been following for a while you will have heard me mention that the very FIRST week of January is the WORST time to being setting big goals and massive action.

Check out the video below if you missed it..

Anyhow, now that we have passed that first week of Jan where people join 'cheap' gyms WITHOUT any direction, clarity or knowledge the majority of them will have now given up or will be about ready to give up due to having not seen 'instant results' so they then lack the motivation to continue and that comes back to lack of direction and a specific and consistent routine.

Some people may continue to go it alone, the hard slow way as I like to call it.

Other people will look for some external help (if they haven't given up)

Getting in around a group of people already doing it, having that support, having a coach who has been there and done that, THE FAST HARD WAY Which is why I invest in my own have my coaches, you see as soon as you INVEST sh*t gets real.

You then expect a return for your investment and you will be more likely to adhere to the program that you would if you are just paying for a cheap gym You WON'T VALUE it

If you are considering hiring a health and fitness professional this January ?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing what type of trainer you want to work with and there is a lot of BS to wade through.

Below are a few things to consider when finding the RIGHT PT for you as when all said and done it is a results based industry and we believe that ALL trainers should be able to guarantee their results which is why I am STILL the ONLY coach (that I'm aware of) in this town to offer a full money back guarantee

FIRSTLY arm yourself with a set of informed questions you can ask trainers before you train with them: - Here’s my goal. What’s the best way to achieve it?

- Why is that method better than other fitness training methods for helping me to achieve my goal?

- Do you use the same basic training method for everyone you work with? Why or why not? (Be aware of trainer training bias- Only one way of training and dismissing all others without reason or explanation)

- Have you ever worked with others like me (similar age, sex, body-type, medical history, etc..) who have the same goals?

- If so, did you use this training approach with them?

- If so, please show me some before and after pictures of these clients or at least provide some testimonials?

So, while you’re considering a variety of trainers, also be aware of how they talk to you. If they use jargon, complex terminologies, or speak to you in a way that you can’t understand, find someone else. In one sense, speaking in jargon is a way of showing off. “Look how much I know!” What you really need is someone who can communicate well and relate to you. Additionally, the letters behind a trainers name (i.e. their qualifications) are no indication of their practical skills, so don’t pick a trainer based on their schooling or educational certifications they can show you. Education helps, but it doesn't tell the WHOLE story. I know of trainers who bang on about all their qualifications, and how they have more than others, yet they have very little PRACTICAL skills. Many PT'S like the sound of their own voice... Pick a trainer based on the RESULTS they've gotten for others like YOU let’s face it, you wouldn't hire a plumber who’s read every book ever published on plumbing, but who’s never fixed a drain. You want the plumber who’s fixed the nastiest clogs in human history. Anton 'nasty clog' Hedges PS - WHAT YOUR TRAINER CAN DO: Understand that ALL forms of exercise have their benefits and their limitations. And that certain training methods are best for certain goals, and no ONE method is best for all goals.

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