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Men's Online Warrior Wellness Group Coaching

This evening it was a post Holiday Weekend...

session for the men's online small group (5 guys max) personal training

although was a smaller small group with just the two this evening

and yep seems that escalated quickly, apologies if you've just had your dinner :o

either these guys have done everything they said they would and are now proudly showing off

or they had their heating on a bit high during their workout..

Sooo, this men's warrior wellness group has been a few years now

as always the emphasis is on health, fitness, longevity, and overall wellbeing

why it's aimed at and perfect for the over 35-40's

and similar to the online Pocket PT (and 1-1 coaching)

Above - Quick look at the online app's progress section

Everyone has access to me (and my coaches) through their bespoke app

and online support group etc etc

however, the men's group also includes set weekly live in-person sessions

TWICE per week

which works considering all these guys have very similar goals

of burning the belly and moobs

counter balancing stress (it's inevitable) and overwhelm

building shape/tone and ironing out imbalances

that cause pain and niggles fast

and all without endless exercise, diets, AND gyms

Above - Educating and applying the nutrients BESPOKE for you and your GOALS

learning a smarter system for their health, longevity

as well as the process of sustainable yet enjoyable consumption

so they can also continue to enjoy a few beers and life generally

and some of these guys will do the live sessions from home

and others whilst away working etc etc just have to switch on SIMPLE

they also feel part of a community, in and around people on the same mission as them, all working and supporting each other as well as enjoying that all important banter/fun

so that you never feel like you are going it alone

which of course over the last couple of years

with lockdowns etc when you wasn't supposed to even leave your house

(let alone go to the gym)

many guys were interested to come and try it out for obvious reasons

>including their mental wellbeing that many woke up to during this period<

and they have discovered that they can improve and maintain the way they look, move, and feel from anywhere and actually have some fun doing it

therefore, this just offers yet ANOTHER solution to your problem(s)

(along with all the free real usable content I send you regularly)

due to the success of this (for said reasons) and the bespoke nature of small group, numbers are limited which is why you probably weren't even aware of it?

Above - Here's what Billy had to say about the men's group personal training: I feel fitter, stronger, and much healthier.

I've lost inches off my waist and my energy levels have improved and more importantly I no longer suffer from annoying knee pain. I also really like the support/banter and that there is no pressure to try and do things at the same level as the others in the online group. Everyone is encouraged to work and progress at their own level.''

This online mens wellness group will be opening up again VERY SOON

thing is, it is time sensitive

And unlike the pocket pt where you have access to me through your own bespoke personal training app etc that you just follow by yourself to guarantee the results you requested (for BOTH men and ladies)

The small group guys all start and set goals together and then work towards them with the live sessions and online support group between the sessions

Anton 'small group' Hedges

PS - Whatever format you apply the 5-pillar wake up warrior balance

we work on a monthly goal setting/achieving commitment

and right now we are bang in a month of the men's group

but I will be running an opportunity to come and test it out

and meet the other guys and see what you think before committing

as mentioned numbers will be limited so if want in on this?

reply through the contact page with the subject mens group and I will reply with all the info

alternately grab my free wake up warrior wellness guide here:


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