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Post Activity/Exercise Discomfort? That's Dom's - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness..

Almost everyone will have experienced DOM's (delayed muscle onset soreness) at some point. as it's not just limited to post exercise, for example...

Carrying some heavier shopping home and that feeling in your shoulder the next day.

Or perhaps doing some digging or weeding in the garden and feeling some tightness in your back the next day?

This soreness, not to be confused with pain (for another post) is from the lengthen of the muscles as well as from doing something different or increasing the intensity of your current chosen activity..

Above: Surfs up dude - I haven't surfed in YEARS, however, this week I went for my first ever wakeboarding lesson/session..

I was actually using up a gift voucher I received from one of the online guys for my birthday a couple of months ago as these guys knew I was thinking about getting back into some surfing what with the recent staycation situation

Also it was a good way to score my (non destructive) fun point, See, part of the balanced 5-pillar system that is all about optimum wellness so we attempt to do something fun EVERY day because...

IF you don't FEEL great you can't BE great

Anyhow, back to this first attempt (which I managed to achieve :p) at wakeboarding

And wow am I FEELING IT

Even though I'm constantly active and I exercise regularly I still had the DOM's

See, It's no different for me and a little discomfort is normal and to be expected

So why the soreness?

It's due to that shock to the system of doing something different and new that challenges muscles groups you haven't used for a long time, it's also a sign of progress that you are continuing to challenge your body in different ways and the level of discomfort will depend on the level of intensity of the activity

Swimming, for example, I only really do it abroad in the sea and the first few times I always feel it the following day or so but obviously not as intense...

I can swing and work with a 24kg kettlebell not problem but as I have never been dragged around a lake before is why I currently have DOM's on my DOM'S due to having NEVER done wakeboarding before and as it's quite intensive hence so are the level of DOM'S.

The next time you perform the same activity or exercise at the same intensity, there'll be less muscle tissue damage, less soreness, and a faster recovery. Therefore, it shouldn't put you off, especially if you are just starting out from a sedentary lifestyle (People will look for stories and reasons not to follow through) as a little discomfort is normal and to be expected.

Just start out steady and increase that intensity gradually..

Same deal if you are already exercising but you then increase the weight, reps, tempo..

As well as just moving quicker, further, or for longer so some form of discomfort is to be expected, not to be confused with battering yourself and working through pain as you will NEVER feel DOM'S whilst exercising.

Pain (AS WE KNOW) unlike DOM'S is a warning sigh so STOP!

Using or pushing those different muscles and moving (contracting the muscles) those muscles fibres actually break and tear (discomfort) but then they rebuild/repair stronger (and bigger if that's the goal) and what is it that helps repairs them?

Our old friend...




The building blocks of life

There are foods that actually help aid recovery and things like taking a sauna or a hot bath will also help as well as cold exposure which will also aid recovery and ease inflammation

Making sure you do a warm up before strenuous activity/exercise will help

Counterintuitively, continued exercise may temporarily suppress the soreness. Exercise increases pain thresholds and pain tolerance. Therefore, you shouldn't let it stop you from exercise

Some low intensity activity will help reduce the discomfort so things like getting out for a walk to get the blood flowing will help loosen you up and decrease that soreness, even though you just feel like sitting on yer ass

This is also why we have 'active recovery' routines within our balanced wake up warrior 5-pillar system

Suffering with those DOM'S? or few aches and niggles?

Use this total body active recovery routine to loosen up and energise. It can also be used as warm up before your activity/exercise to help prevent Dom's..

It can also be used as a daily mobility routine that will also counter balance occupational activities/imbalances

Leaving you feeling loose, agile, and fully energised

Also feel free to grab the free wake up warrior 5-pillar health, fitness, lifestyle guide here:

And learn how all these guys are building strength/tone, burning fat (weight loss) and enjoying pain free movement

WITHOUT hours of endless exercise, gyms and boring restrictive diets!

Anton 'sore' Hedges

Sources - Me, bodybuilding. com, Lawrence Park Health, NHS


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