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The Missing Ingredient: Very FIRST place to start

DO YOU HAVE IT? Most people DON'T have this ONE thing that is the difference between success and failure..

Regardless of if you are just starting out or currently struggling with your results and reality

Do you have the missing ingredient?

What is it I hear you cry





Is the VERY FIRST place I will start with any new joiner to the wake up warrior system

I'm sure you will here people (yep the 'experts') talk about how you need

Motivation, belief, and will power...

Yes they help but they are just thoughts and feeling so they don't actually exist - Yep just consider that for a moment

They will also shout about having a plan and focus - Also important, HOWEVER...

How can you have any of that WITHOUT your clarity?

Prefer Audio? Check out this brief video from the archives

CLARITY - the quality of being clear’

Wanna know how to get it?

Like, the REAL way to get clear about what you want




May sound a little harsh (you probably start to understand why what we do is different)

And you may think I'm just me being an ar*e (do you want coaching or cheerleading) but it's true


Well, when you lie both to yourself and to other people


Your mind is cluttered as hell with what the truth is and what the lie is…

So you operate in a HAZE of NOISE DROWNING In your own thoughts and stories.

It’s like driving with the handbrake on AND with a blindfold

Let me tell you how simple this is:

STOP lying about your current reality STOP lying about how you ended up here STOP lying about what you want STOP lying about why you want it STOP lying about what you’re willing to do to get it

To both YOURSELF and others

THEN and only then can you get REAL CLARITY

(see why those yes men sugar coating coaches can’t get it now?)


Being clear on all of that above?

Having an outcome that was CRYSTAL clear to you

KNOWING what has to be done to pull it off

And NOT BELIEVING your own BS?

You’d be ON FIRE and a HIGH-LEVEL PRODUCER at that

Just as all the guys/gals using this simple PROVEN 5-pillar system as discovering and with RAPID results!

Anton 'Crystal' Hedges

PS - If you need some help with this?

Help yourself to my free 5-pillar coaching guide:

Sources: Me, Steve Maxwell, Steve Cotter, Paul Mort, NHS


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