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How To Have A Better Week

How to have a AWFUL week, yep quite an unusual heading for a health/wellness post, but it's something I USED to be a bit of an expert on, so hear me out...

Above - Its me Anton health, fitness, longevity, lifestyle expert

Back in the day when I was stuck miserable and unhappy

Stressed, angry, and usually overwhelmed

It was just a slog to get through each week so I couldn't wait to just hit the weekend and sedate away with booze and junk (you know the old Sunday night takeaway) drugs IF that's your thing? and then wonder why I felt like sh*t come Monday when it was back to reality...

And the cycle just repeats

This was due to just drifting through the week without any sense of purpose and then we wonder why depression and anxiety is so high?

See, Sundays should actually be f*cking exciting

You get to plot, plan and create a strategy

Where we get to CLOSE the space between where you're at and where you want to be = EXCITING

Thats it, it's as simple as that

BUT here's why you won't don't have a STRATEGY - a plan of action

This is all IF you even actually know what you want (revert back to the clarity post) but that's the thing YOU should be working on something a goal a mission if you like even if it's not fitness related as this will help give you that all important


Why these days, and AGAIN usually on a Sunday evening I'll spend a bit of time setting my 'strategy' for the coming week, which actually leads to..


See, a week without strategy is a week left to chance and if you don’t have any plan for a great progressed packed week then, you by default have a plan for a bit of a sh*tty one! Or at least one that you’ll be ‘happy to see the end of’

And as we know -

>>That it's scientifically proven the human brain is at it's happiest when making 'progress'<<

And as one of my former coaches Paul Mort would say:

So if you haven’t got a strategy for a GREAT week, that includes some FUN, then by default… you’re intention will be to rely on ‘hope’ Which will often leave you feeling HOPELESS

This may seem a bit generic and even judgemental but I'll tell you anyway, without a strategy for this week...

I can almost guarantee that your week will go one of of two ways

1, You will CREATE Overwhelm 1- (a sure fire sign you haven't got a strategy)

2, The week will just drift by (lack of progress and lack of plan to together)

So what do you do?

Well, As mentioned CREATE a plan and a strategy - CREATE your week - Your Reality - Your RESULTS & PROGRESS

(Or just let another week pass you by)

For example - I have all my exercise routines, that bring me closer to my goal/deadline, (my clarity/purpose) all planned for the week. This makes it so much easier as even though I've been in this industry for over 20 years occasionally I find myself trying to decide what workout to do or just 'winging' it AGAIN see above points

I also know the majority of my meals for this week (not restrictive just mindful/responsible) which obviously doesn't help how we feel, or my goals, energy, and overall wellbeing!

So nope I won't be winging it and therefore, relying on hope and chance, becoming overwhelmed and start reaching for junk, due to the lack of preparation oh and then trying to justify it right?

I also have my business diary set so I know when I can do my fun stuff etc etc

Therefore, I'm not hoping, I have a clear strategy

A strategy that generates progress, excitement and puts some fire in the belly

Anton 'do better' Hedges

PS - Any of this resonating?

Want some help with your results

And strategy?

Want to have packed weeks full of fire, fun, and progress?

Grab your free copy of my warrior wellness guide, my personal blueprint, it will help:

Sources: Me, Paul Mort, Mindfulwarrior


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