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Jason's Story: How Jason removed chronic back, got in shape, & got his life back!

Here is one of our local warriors Jason, who contacted me (I was coaching his wife at the time) because he couldn't even put his socks on in the morning without pain, let alone do the correct exercises to get in his desired shape

Above - Jason shaping up nicely now through some of our health/fitness challenges, why? Because he can!

Yep Jason is almost a victim of his own success :p well that's what I telling him now he is working a bit harder

As having ironed out those imbalances that was causing him PAIN through using my simple balanced 5-pillar system, my personal blueprint, that's proven for building and maintaining a strong athletic pain free body FAST

And without hours of endless exercise, boring diets, and expensive supplements

Below- you can see from the corrective work that Jason's clear posture/spine improvements from this back picture!

Jason has come a LONG way since those early days, however, these results are because he took ACTION

You'll also notice he has continued to drop body fat (now that he is at his natural healthy weight) and build muscle strength/tone, which is just a natural by product of this simple system that doesn't involve endless exercise and diets

And now that he has full confidence in his pain free movement there is no stopping Jason as he's now pushing on with his goals as well as, and more importantly, getting his life back..

Here's what Jason had to to say:

''I have suffered with a bad back for many years, and apart from a few stretches now and then when it was really bad, I’d accepted that I was stuck with it for ever.

When I couldn’t put my own socks on in the morning, I realised this probably wasn’t a great long term solution and contacted Anton. I’d already seen the changes in my friend, Sat, and my wife, Lucy, who’ve both been training with Anton for a while, so was confident he could help and he really has! 2 months in and my mobility and flexibility has vastly improved and putting socks on now is a breeze!

I’m also enjoying the structure the program has given my week. I never thought I had time to exercise but I haven’t missed 1 session – in person or online, and I feel great for it! I’ve even lost a bit off my waist which is an added bonus! Get in contact with Anton if any of this sounds like you, he knows his stuff!''

There you go, Well done Jason!

And there's the thing, Jason at 49 years young 'believed' like most

That this pain, body, and mindset was all he had left to look forward too

Let alone be able to NOW get in the shape of his life

However, now he is pain free and feeling full of energy and confidence in his body he is now able to push on with his goals, including more body shaping challenges, through using this simple that also allows him to stay pain free

and still enjoy his food (in balance - that word again) and LIFE

Jason had finally had enough of that 'physical' pain not to mention the mental frustration etc of having chronic back pain and as always people usually don't make a change - weight loss, relationship jobs they hate etc


And just like motivation, and confidence and beliefs...

When you actually take (the correct) action you start to see and FEEL progress, if you monitor it, and this then leads to all of the above growing organically. Which then leads you to want more, just like Jason and all the busy people I work with

Jason uses the exact same system as all the online guys, however, he can attend in-person sessions due to living and working locally. Check out more of the online guys, in the info section, including how online warrior Michelle finally broke that yo-yo cycle and lost 25kg from her home working with me online:

What about you?

Frustrated with your current results

Have annoying back pain holding you back?

Claim the free warrior wellness guide here:




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