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Pain Free (Back Pain) Movement

How to get rid of those frustrating aches and pains, including the all too common back pain, once and for all!

You will need the 3 KEY elements for pain free movement

Above it me: Anton Hedges - Health, Longevity, Lifestyle Expert - Doing some mobility recovery movement.

So what is it that causes those common (I see it a LOT with all the guys/girls I work with) aches and pains?

First question, are you a tight arse?

No it's not an insult, see lazy glutes (your butt, along with hips/hamstrings etc) from long periods sat down can cause all kinds of imbalances that lead to that back pain

Lets take that back pain (most common) for instance

90% of ALL back pain is caused through a lack of mobility (The other 10% perhaps spinal or nerve issues etc)

This lack of mobility is usually down to imbalances created through occupational activities - If you spend long periods sat down hunched over (in flexion) then your hips and hamstrings will shorten and tighten and your glutes (butt) will switch off leading to all kinds of issues...

E.G - The office hunch, sat hunched over all day, is common if you are a desk jockey

Above - Simple counter balance (in extension bottom pic) of sitting hunched over in flexion (top pic)

Why ALSO claiming this free 'chair' assisted routine is also ideal for at the office/work or home

Oh and recreational activities can also cause imbalances..

This is why the guys/girls using the wake up warrior wellness system have that correct '5-pillar' balance

Bit like Sat below who has since returned to the local in-person coaching system

The 5-pillars has that perfect blend of intensity and recovery as the emphasis is on health AND longevity

One of the pillars is recovery of body and mind and that includes both flexibility and mobility..

Below: It's me again just demonstrating a simple yet effective mobility routine for you to try out.

You'll notice you will feel the difference immediately!

This one can be challenging as there is an element of balancing stability but you can always use the modifications.

The main warrior wellness routine is a easy yet effective follow along routine that anybody can do

*Disclaimer: You should feel NO pain, if you do stop immediately. We can take no responsibility for any routine you choose to follow on our page (or through our free blueprint) without professional supervision*

You'll also notice that it also involves an element of bodyweight balance and resistance?

See, mobility is the ability to move through your full range of motion with strength – as opposed to flexibility, which is mainly static, usually doesn't have movement and doesn't necessarily require strength.

You can be flexible but have poor mobility, but you can also be a little bit tight, but be very mobile. Of the two, you are much better off being a little bit tight with good mobility than being super flexible with poor mobility.

This is why stretching alone won't be enough (it may reduce for a period of time but..) as when you stretch and lengthen one muscle another one shortens.

You may have then experienced this tightness, tension, discomfort or 'pain' moving somewhere else?

We do incorporate some gentle stretches but more as a cool down or for general relaxation/mindfulness

Mobility is what you need and as the old saying goes with regards to mobility 'if you don't use it you lose it!

Like most things I have learnt from my own experiences/mistakes and by introducing a quick mobility routine could be the best thing for your body. You will probably find that many of the aches and pains will disappear and some people believe that joint mobilising exercises can reverse the ageing process what has incurred from overdoing activities.

Ready to remove that annoying pain fast and forever?

Ready to make a start on regaining the lost mobility of youth??

Ready to learn the 3 key elements for pain free movement and how all 3 are in this free follow along video routine???

Claim this FREE easy to follow warrior mobility routine:

*All that's required is a chair, which means this one is perfect for the home or office*

> Remove/Reduce Pain FAST > Loosen up, and increase mobility in back, hips, hamstrings etc > Use it as a warm up and improve performance > Feel agile and energised

And more, all in under just 10 minutes..

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