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The 5-Pillars: Why it's different?

Firstly, it's NOT a transformation! I talk a lot about how this simple balanced wake up warrior 5-pillar health & longevity system and how its NOT a 'transformation' it's a lifestyle, that's the longevity bit.

It's about our OVERALL wellbeing - Encouraging our health line to MATCH our lifelines!

This is done through just 3 main weekly wellness routines (no not ruining yourself in the gym just speeding up the aging process) alongside some recovery/flexibility (stretch n tone) and walking through the week..

Therefore, it's an ideal proven system for staying aware and in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally all year, not just for the beach, (hence the picture) those transformations (that don't tell the whole picture) or photoshoots etc...

Many people (coaches included) only talk and look at exercises and calories/nutrition But if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right..

Above - Its moi, Anton Hedges, in my fifth decade now, papped unaware at the beach :p Yes I can sustain a strong athletic pain free body all year round..

Oh and this is done WITHOUT hours of endless exercise, gyms, and boring unsustainable diets (that don't work) that you will never stick too UNLESS you do it for a 6-12 week 'transformation, which obviously isn't about sustainability!

(which is also ok but comes back to your CLARITY and understanding this is NOT about health)

>Why we also attempt to bust a lot of the myths (here and on our socials) within the MULTI MILLION £ INDUSTRY<

Exercise is for improving the health and development of the body so that physical tasks can be performed with greater ease and efficiency.

Steve Cotter, just one of the worlds leading coaches who I have certified (and hosted here in the UK) wrote in his movement over muscles blog - ''There is now an understanding that movement has a higher value than muscles in isolation. Thanks to interaction among therapists, medical professionals, strength and conditioning coaches and other fitness professionals, there is increasing recognition of the complex interactions between the nervous system and muscular systems of the human body.''

(all sources can be found at the bottom of the article)

Also, agility is more USABLE than brute strength (alone - so yes we incorporate a bit but in balance not bias) which is also why this movement (moving the way your body is built to do) will have a bigger cross over to chosen activities.

Thing is many people train for the weight room, not life. Just because you have strong individual muscles, doesn’t necessarily mean your whole body is strong. Often disproportionately strong muscles end up working against you, you might be strong at doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell, but what happens when you need to climb over an object or wrestle an opponent?

Traditional isolated contraction-based movements (working one group of muscles at a time, single-joint movements), are unlikely to serve you as well as your progress into your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond. It also usually involves machines that just dictate your natural human movement patterns. This can also lead to imbalances, there comes an age (or we reach it) we have to get smarter in order to receive the benefits of a fitness program, which starts with avoiding injuries that can be caused by overzealous programs in which the capability of the exerciser does not match the intensity of the programs.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors did no exercise programs. There was lots of movement, searching for food, bending, running, throwing, climbing, squatting (sorry no plumbing yet!) and other primal MOVEMENTS.

This is what we incorporate within the 5-pillar balance..

Above - Look back at some synchronised (Turkish) get ups a challenging functional total body real usable strength, conditioning, stability and mobility MOVEMENT, moving the way the body is designed. The irony of all those one dimensional 'exercise gym machines' in the background, that dictate your movement/training patterns (behaviour/beliefs again) is never lost on me, whilst these ladies are getting functional (human movement) with just a kettlebell (or dumbbell) and the gym floor..

The need for more ‘exercise’ arouse out of warfare preparation. A stronger, faster, more fit tribesman had a better chance of surviving and protecting his tribal family. Fast forward to our 21st Century selves, sitting in a desk chair or car, sofa, or on a toilet. Reduced range of motion, particularly in the hips and low back, has become a normal part of our modern cultural habit. We now understand that exercise and fitness is really about movement and the muscular aesthetics that come with the movements tend to look good too, because it is healthy and healthy looks good and natural!

Lets not forget that cross over to everyday activities (or sport) see recently a couple of the wake up warriors (local & online) have had skiing and climbing event/holidays, do we now have to make their routines more sports specific? NOPE

This is because with the balance of the 5pillars, all of these guys are building and sustaining a strong agile fully functional (movement) pain free body for all year round not just for the activity (ski) holiday or those transformation 'pictures'

Why these guys, like local warriors Ben and Lucy, are ready for their activity/events, like climbing & skiing, 365 days of the year, we just throw in a few fun extras as demonstrated below...

This is what we mean by real 'usable' strength using movement patterns (with and without weights is all part of that balance) in the directions your body is designed to move in, This then builds REAL usable strength FAST!

Unlike the traditional, 'so-called' body-building model that until the last 10-15 years has provided most of the mainstream education that has informed the public about how to exercise - Myths again - See why it's different YET? -

Many people train solely for the look. While it's correct to aspire to look and feel your best, training primarily for the look isn't the way to health any more than possessing the look is indicative of genuine health, it's fool's gold - Unless this is your clear goal - When it comes to health and longevity.

Lets be clear: There is NO victory in brutalizing yourself in your workouts. You don't need to ruin yourself, with ll that beast mode BS. A highly experienced coach will know when and how often to push for that extra gear. However, for long term, sustainable health and wellness, consistent exercise of varying intensities over time is the way.

This traditional way also takes a LOT of time, you know exercising each body part daily, as well boring cardio work. Which means you need to hit the gym 4-6 times each week. All of my 5-pillar warriors (especially the online warriors) DON'T want to give up all their valuable family/fun time and... They DON'T HAVE TOO

Above, its me again, just demonstrating the power of the 5-pillars. Pic on the left is over 10 years ago (in my mid 30's) following the traditional 'bodybuilding' gym based system that involved 5-6 days in the gym (and cycling to and from) each week. This picture doesn't tell of the niggle and imbalances!!! The pic on the right is OVER 10 years later (Dec 21) where I'm 10 years OLDER from using the ongoing 5-pillar system (not for a transformation) that I can achieve and sustain all year round, as mentioned, from just 2-3 main warrior wellness workouts, walking, and recovery (those vital deposits)

Same deal with boring restrictive diets - Diets DON'T work we BOTH know that - Sustainability and longevity is about a lifestyle, which is why you can have a few beers and make this work. I do have dry days but I will have a beer or red wine most days, what I don't do in binge. What we do is take responsibility, I will have a beer most days but I don't binge (check out the diets don't work post)

>> Grab my free 5-pillar blueprint, includes nutrition pdf:

BELIEVING you have to starve/restrict and or ruin yourself doesn't seem very sustainable right? Why our belief systems can hold us back and why we question them as part of the 5-pillar system

So, you can see why its different, the the main emphasis of this system that I have devised from over 20 years experience within the industry, research, study, investment and yep failure, is on health (fitness) and longevity.

*Being AWARE - Wake up warrior - mindful and or conscious if you prefer*

When you actually think about it, 'fitness' doesn't really exist without YOUR HEALTH

This system is about having our health line match with our lifeline, for that longevity, especially now people are living longer. No point living until 80-100 if you can't move well and are in constant pain (quality of life etc)

> People don't slow their health/exercise because they get old, they get old because they stop their health/exercise <

Unfortunately, many people don't take responsibility for their wellbeing (many woke up during lockdowns due to the fact the virus isn't the issue, it's actually the host) unless there is some kind of 'scare' hence why they struggle with their health/life lines as they age.

Common sense would be to take action on prevention before waiting for issues..

I bet you are AWARE and take responsibility for your finances and bank account right?

So, if you were to think of your body as the bank of body

Every time you do a intensive workout you are making a withdrawal from the bank of body

BUT every time you do some recovery or joint mobility health you are making a deposit

This is why the 5-pillar system is different because it incorporates both the withdrawals and those all important deposits because If you are just ruining yourself with withdrawals every time it's going to have a detrimental impact on your bank account right?

It also doesn't help the mind either > the body obeys the mind < As we know our energy is vital for OVERALL wellness..

Low energy = Low mood = low confidence, low tolerance, poor choices, sedating with junk/booze etc

*Why Mindset is one of the five pillars foundations - If there wasn't an element of this involved?

You would have achieved it already?*

However, you'll never hear me say things like you need to believe to achieve

You'll also NEVER hear any mention of 'think positive', 'manifestation' or my favourite, 'ask the universe'

(how has that worked out for you so far??)

I've never known ANYONE who has thought their way out of a negative situation?

What's required is positive ACTION! You just have to do, I know a LOT of believers but not many DOERS

Ready to take action? Ready to wake your inner warrior? Want some 5-pillar balance?

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to grab my free wake up warrior 5-pillar personal blueprint that includes walk through of each pillar and how to apply, warrior wellness pdf (includes warrior meal plan) and optional free online wellness challenge:

Anton 'different' Hedges

Sources: Me, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, Paul Mort, Physiodoctor


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