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How Stop Ruining Yourself EVERY January

Recently we we're talking about the new year new me BS..

And why that VERY first week of January is the WORST time to be taking 'massive action' with setting big goals and targets..


So talking of the New Year, how's that been working out for you so far? That new year new me How its all going to be different this time Have you kept up with what YOU said you would Want to know how to stop 'RUINING' yourself (mind, body and soul)

EVERY JANUARY? DON'T set ANY big goals during that FIRST week as discussed over on our Facebook page That may surprise you as we're all about progress and results Thing is, you probably taken some time off over the festive season BUT then actually feel worse than you did before? What with the booze junk food late nights etc

Prefer audio? Watch the video above and stop ruining yourself EVERY damn January

SO from a mindset point of view this isn't a good place to be setting yourself goals and outcomes as there will probably be feelings of guilt? (yes, I know cause I've been there so I get it 100%) Guilt of what you ate Guilt at what you drank Guilt at your lack of action/exercise Guilt at how much you spent Guilt at how you FEEL right NOW Maybe you do actually have that January motivation, that's cool but I STILL wouldn't be setting those goals just yet Cause you are still in that sh*tty 'guilt' mindset mode So that motivation WILL run out soon enough Therefore, my advice for that first week alongside no big goal setting Was just to take it STEADY with small steps Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forwards I do this on a regular basis which is how I achieved some amazing results last year Not just me but ALL the men on the waking the warrior body & mind program (currently full) Its NOT about the size of the steps (progress is progress) and all that 'massive action' and other BS that the guru/mush cookies are all so obsessed with.. Well, after a week or two full of indulging and late nights If you attempt to go down that road you will be burnt out before next week starts, just 'ruining' yourself, similar to every Jan right? Secondly, just try clearing your plate IF you already have LOADS going on with your business/work Relationship/family Health/fitness Why would you ADD more to a plate that is already full? (when you are already suffering) ^^All of this is just going to lead to the mindset moment of 'reality and expectations' not matching up (for another day) where you give up again Also IF you are now pushing yourself with this beast mode during this 'tough' week you will now be feeling tired if not exhausted? And when we're tired that's' when motivation and will power runs out Which then leads you to telling yourself that story about 'actually my current reality isn't so bad after all' Leading to giving up AGAIN and returning to what you always do if you haven't already???

Anything here resonates don't forget to hit the picture at the top to learn more as we as claim your free body and mind guide that includes an intro to our simple yet effective PROVEN lifestyle system Anton 'Not Massive' Hedges PS- If you are struggling And feeling like ''I'm useless'' and What's the point Remember ITS OK TO TREAT YOURSELF BETTER Treat yourself like you would the love of your life or best mate even and watch how your life changes All that mindset really is: Treating yourself BETTER

PPS - Resonating?

Struggling with your results and reality?

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