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The Kettlebell Swing: Benefits and Full Tutorial

Why the kettlebell swing?

If you were looking for a single exercise to care for the human frame you’d probably look for an exercise that helped us regain our posture from one of sitting hunched over to one that was upright, extended, and open.

You’d probably also look for an exercise that worked the posterior chain to overcome all the negative effects of sitting and, if you could find one exercise that could do both of those, you’d probably also wonder if you could find one special exercise that could strengthen your heart and help you lose weight, too.

It’s called the kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell Training is a “movement pattern”, rather than a collection of muscle building exercises.

The basic movements of kettlebell training ignite the entire posterior chain, which are those muscles of the back-side of your body, like the glutes (butt), hamstrings and lower back.

These backside muscles improve our upright posture and athletic functions of running, jumping and throwing activities.

Watch the full tutorial video below

That covers more on why you should be doing this amazing exercise

How to start and stop this pendulum swing correctly

Breathing techniques for improved health and work capacity

Alternative dumbbell swings

and much more...

So there you go

This is why both the local and online wake up warriors

Incorporate kettlebells and the kettlebell swing as part of our balanced week of work for body and mind.

Keep following for more kettlebells including your first kettlebell workout.

Anton 'swing' Hedges

PS - **Always consult with your doctor before beginning any workout program or trying any exercise. If you feel pain during any movement, stop doing that exercise immediately. If you engage in any exercise or exercise program on our YouTube Channel, you agree that you do so at your own risk**

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