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Online Personal Training

So you decide that it's time make your health and fitness results and reality a priority AGAIN

You want to get in shape THIS TIME

Tired of feeling tired, sluggish, out of shape and control?

Above: its me Anton Hedges health, fitness, longevity expert in my fifth decade now

Now, picture the scene, you start thinking about dusting off your old exercise equipment, perhaps that x-trainer your purchased last time that now acts as a clothes horse?

You try a couple of push ups and some sit ups

You get out for a run/walk as and when you can and it helps with your mood, which is great as movement will only help your overall wellbeing (physically, mentally and emotionally)

However, you are still not overly happy with the results to effort ration.

Similar deal with the gym that you maybe thinking about joining again or you are already going putting in a lot of effort but still frustrated! Usually due to lack of direction so you just end up winging it which just feels like a waste of time..

So you then spend time browsing deep through the internet for a new workout

And you finally find one that looks decent

You end up jumping around the living room 4, 5 even 6 days a week (not the smartest approach) but still no real progress

The scales still move slow if at all

That stubborn fat won’t shift and you've still got the belly

The strength and muscle tone just won't show or grow...

Yet you are working hard, body aching but no results, what's going on there?

Could it be the diet?

You've tried the standard treat meals (DON'T treat yourself with food - you are not your dog) protein shakes and supplements that you probably don't actually need right now anyway...

Time to look for the magic secret right?

The latest fad, trend or transformation. There is some progress, but as usual it doesn’t last so you end up giving up yet again and then it's time to find a new plan, possibly with one of our nation's fitness celebs or maybe ask the big shredded guy on the gram for some tips. Still no luck.

That new plan has you jumping around the kitchen EVERY DAY which isn't doing much for your longevity, your back (and other joints) is now probably starting to hurt (or even worse than when you started)

Or perhaps you have picked up another injury that sets you back again...

The 'experts' still seem to be offering confusing and contradictive info as well as telling you to just believe in yourself, think positive, and ask the universe - Hows that worked out for you so far?

You head back to that guy on the socials, he's probably on the juice, promoting the BS filtered perfect life/body

So why bother right?

Now time to sack it off again.

Time goes by..

Nothing changes except a few more grey hairs and inches on the belly, not to mention more noticeable but unnecessary aches and pains. This just leads to more frustration and confusion...

Then the mind it switches AGAIN “it’s now or never”.

You head back online....

Where you came across me and this post?

I can show you how to achieve and sustain the best shape of your life and FAST

Using the wake up warrior online Pocket PT

Above - Bespoke Personal Training in the palm of your hand with the pocket personal trainer

Your own health professional to guide you through the process = INVALUABLE

Therefore, it's ideal for ordinary men and women who want to improve their overall wellbeing so they look, move, and feel great, throughout 2022 and beyond! All WITHOUT hours of endless exercise and boring unsustainable diets

You literally have access to a personal trainer health professional in your pocket - Pocket PT

(for less than the price of a daily coffee) or on your wrist...

Great news if you are just kick starting your health and fitness but you are confused about where to start or what to do

Also helps avoids 'busy idiot syndrome' one of the most common mistakes

You know, you are or have already been putting in a lot of time, effort, and hard earned £s but usually in all the WRONG ares, which leads to being unhappy with your results to work/effort ratio?

What we affectionately call - A busy idiot - A Gordon Ramsey term I love, as I've been there and done that myself. Not just with my own fitness results back in the day but also with regards to my business etc etc

Until I asked for help...

There is always a choice!

You can continue with the slow hard way - Go it alone, get no help, try and figure it out yourself

(most people do this- just like I used to do - see above)


>>The fast, easy way<<:

Get the tools, resources, strategies, and support from someone that's been there, done it and has helped countless others do the same. (just as I do from/with my coaches/mentors)

The choice is yours..

it really is, but I know which one I'd choose EVERY TIME especially with the Pocket PT FREE TRIAL

To this proven online 5-pillar system that I devised from over 20+ years of experience within this industry, of watching peoples stop starting and continued suffering, and the often confusing and contradictive information out there... As well as years of study, research, and failure, failure is good IF we learn from it, yep I did it the hard slow way to allow these guys to do it the quick easy way

Thing is, many people (coaches included) only talk and think about exercise and calories/nutrition but if you want amazing results that last (unlike those transformations) there is a whole foundation you need to get right

I can show you how, with this system that is delivered online usually over a 4-week deadline cycle of YOUR BESPOKE goal setting/achieving

And currently, the success rate is currently 100% with everyone, for: 1- Burning fat (losing weight) FAST 2- Building real usable strength - toning up 3- BOTH the above = Get in shape AND sustain it with ease 4, Healthy balanced enjoyable (therefore) sustainable eating yep you can have a few beers etc and make this work 5, Pain free movement Iron out those imbalances and improve agility/flexibility 6, Feeling strong, empowered, and full of energy Imagine being able to do all the above and actually being able to enjoy the process? All in a fast safe effective manor

So, how does it work?

You register for the your free trial through filling out the goal setting form: Whilst also letting us know of your current fitness/activity levels, experience, and any equipment you may have. Yep you can even use the Pocket PT at your local gym and accelerate your results... I'll then be in touch with the full details and the link to download our bespoke online app

Where you can start your free challenge This is where you have full access to me and your own personal calendar with our perfect 5-pillar blend of wake up warrior wellness routines that you will love! (Equipment and gyms OPTIONAL as not required) Just check in and follow your calendar/schedule routine, based around your personal goal setting, at a time and place that suits your lifestyle

You will also be able to track your continued progress, message me privately, and all the other guys (of your chosen level) in the group chat so you never feel like you are going alone You will also then be added to the relevant (foundation or experienced) bonus FB support/accountability group Where you have full access to me and my coaches as well as a group of like minded people all on the same mission as you so you'll never feel like you are going alone. You will also receive... Elite level mindset coaching so that you can finally see the results you truly desire with our expert guidance on nutrition (no boring restrictive diets) and exercise and accountability

Live online Q&A'S

Optional bonus live online workouts And a whole lot more Therefore, we have created an environment where you can NOT fail IF you are ready?

Above - Just a couple of the many online wake up warriors using the Pocket (Personal Trainer) PT System And here's the VERY COOL bit..

There's NO upfront costs, yep you read that correctly - there is ZERO upfront fee to pay to try out the pocket pt system

I'm SO confident this system will explode your results and the way you look and feel there's NO initial payment to try out the coaching and system..

You can take what you learn and apply it for continued success and there will be a chance to join the (money back guaranteed) ongoing 4-week system later. (Which removes that fear/risk factor)

No matter your current level, this is a great kick-start for those that maybe worried, confused or lacking direction regarding achieving, sustaining, the results and reality you desire and deserve.. As well as those who are frustrated in general if you are already taking action but frustrated by your current effort/energy/results ratio.

Time to wake up, take back control, responsibility, and feel full of energy, purpose, and fire?

Register for your exclusive online coaching free trial TODAY:


PS - Or just keep doing what you are doing

And keep getting what you are getting

This offer is TIME SENSISTIVE and due to the bespoke nature numbers are limited:


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