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The Number ONE Priority: Wakey Wakey

If you want to look, move and feel better?

Waking up (wakey wakey) to the fact that this one is VITAL

it's also something many HAVE become AWARE of over the past couple of years what with lockdowns etc etc etc

what is it?

It's the realisation that you are your number 1 priority (as always)

and that this priority should be...

v v


>> physically, mentally, and emotionally <<

And taking RESPONSIBILITY for it (yep, it's our responsibility)


We touched on this recently what with it being mental health awareness DAY

Which is amazing BUT what about the rest of the year?

Now, even though it may seem like your first priority should be kids/family, partner, money, bills etc and of course ALL of this is important, but if you are SUFFERING..

(>NOT to be confused with struggling - Inevitable in life however learning that suffering is OPTIONAL is a gamechanger<)

Then how can you help yourself and serve others?

(We serve ourselves through serving others)

But, if you are suffering with your results and reality and you FEEL heavy, sluggish, and outta shape with low energy, confidence and self esteem

>We've talked about the importance of OUR ENERGY and how it impacts everything and everyone around us< If you are angry, stressed out and overwhelmed (just as I was) hows that help you and your family..

I always give this example to my wake up warriors: It's that oxygen mask on a plane situation.

If you pass out attempting to assist/help others HOW can you then help others?

I think the biggest single change for me over the years, that has taken my body, mindset, business, relationships to another level? Waking up to the fact that I, we, YOU are responsible for...

How we/you feel and where you are at with your life

These days (with all that woke sh*te) we live in a blame culture trouble is, if we look blame or pass that responsibility, for want for a better work, its the virus, it's my partner, it's my job...

IT'S DIFFERENT FOR ME, etc - All are just BS stories and excuses we use, and the problem with passing that 'blame'... That's when we continue to stay POWERLESS - Oh and NOTHING changes

When we take responsibility for how we feel, this is where we become empowered and the changes, results and reality you desire become achievable. So, knowing we have the power to change how we feel in an instant and that how we feel is just that, a feeling and also the fact that we create a lot of these..

Anxiety for example- It's not contagious you can't see it or touch it so it doesn't really exist, It's a feeling we create

If we can create it we also have the POWER to change it in an instant and this is done through..


Our physiology is how we breath, move, think, and FEEL - also through staying present and neutral

(not positive or negative) Not overthinking, just creating more anxiety

This is why you'll never hear me say 'think positive' like all the others, see what about when you just don't FEEL like it

(More on this in the content section)

See, you will never THINK you way out of negative thoughts, hence why people 'sedate' to change the way they feel with drink, drugs, junk food, humour, etc in an attempt to feel better about themselves.

Whats actually required is action, a system - a strategy if you like...

BUT to find this you will need your CLARITY - Remember the missing ingredient post?

See, if the human brain is at it's happiest when making progress

Knowing what it is you want (and knowing what you are PREPARED to do to achieve it) is huge as it will give you a sense of purpose instead of just drifting through one mundane day/week to another (Then people wonder why their depressed)

The need from my own personal experiences for a strategy is why I devised the wake up warrior 5-pillar system following years of experience, research, investment and yep unhappiness and failure!

Now DO this and change the way you feel in an instant, just think about the way you are sat reading this post, if you are hunched over, now try sitting up straight FEELS different IMMEDIATELY right???

Changing the way you think and feel INSTANTLY with movement is a great NON DESTRUCTIVE state shifter

You can also try the 60 second rule for (changing how you feel instantly,) when you don't FEEL like doing the required

All the guys using the online (& a few local in-person) system all have a strategy that not only builds and protects our confidence but also out energy - Another huge one for managing your self-care..

>Majority of all the stress, anxiety, overwhelm that we create usually reverts back to your energy>

EVERYTHINGS so much tougher and amplified when you are tired right?

Therefore, you are the number 1 priority!

Refill your mind, body and soul so you can manage all that you face in the day and you can better care for others. Self-care is never selfish, it is essential. So stop felling guilty and put yourself first.

Grab my free wake up warrior blueprint for the very system that upgrades all areas that includes ongoing real usable self-care habits/tips we use as part of our system:

Ideally, these practices that are (should be) part of your life on a daily habitual basis.

They empower you to be the best version of yourself and challenge you to grow in ways you never imagined.

Habits such as:

Have a morning routine - great place to set up your day in creative mode as opposed to reactive mode!

Start your day with gratitude - Gratitude has been scientifically proven to strengthen your immune system and make you happier and more optimistic, as well as less lonely and isolated.

Journaling is great as it makes all/any problem a simple puzzle to solve instead of 'creating' worse feelings in your head

Build and protect your confidence through acknowledging your wins

Protect your energy - When we're low on energy and tie every little small issue can FEEL (that word again) like it's such a big deal so rest and refuel with adequate sleep and healthy balanced (yet sustainable) consumption

Do more things that make you check your phone less!

Set boundaries - It's OK to say NO - Learning how to say no is a great favor you can do to yourself.

You’ll reduce your work overload and your level of stress, and you’ll have time to do what really matters to you.

And the best way to learn how to say no is to practice so, go ahead, don’t be shy!

You really don't need to be a people pleaser all the time, see above

Watch your boozing - There’s a direct connection to feelings of anxiety, low mood, etc to how much booze (and whatever else) you put away. Put good things in get good things out!

INCREASE your capacity to deal with stress (NOT LOWER) with a strategy. Lowering stress = lowering results

Move EVERY day, no it doesn't have to be a workout that ruins you (just speeding up aging process) as the idea of exercise is to prolong the human body so if you batter yourself into oblivion every time you exercise...

You are making WITHDRAWALS from your body bank. When you do your self care and recovery work (physically, mentally, and emotionally) you are making deposits. If you DON'T keep that all important balance...

Hows that going to make you feel? And if you DON'T feel great you can't BE great - and serve others

Finally, Remember - YOU have the biggest impact on your health and wellness

Something to consider especially if you are NOT EXCITED by or are currently struggling with your results/reality

Anton 'no 1' Hedges PS - Listen if any of this resonates with you?

And you'd like to learn more about how to do all of the above

Grab my free wake up warrior 5pillar system blueprint and learn how ordinary guy/girls lust like you are leveling up so they can look, move, and feel great..

All without hours of endless exercise, gyms, and boring diets:

Source - Me, firstloveyourselfmost, Paul Mort, Theblissfulmind,

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