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Warrior Workout Challenge

Build Strength/Tone & Torch Fat Fast Without Gyms & Equipment With This 100 Rep Bodyweight Challenge!

Are you warrior fit? Take the challenge..

Above: It's me Anton Hedges - Health/Fitness Coach...

Demonstrating the latest warrior workout challenge

This one is a 100 rep bodyweight workout so, it can be followed anywhere and without any equipment

>>It will help you build a strong athletic pain free body<<

Body-weight is a great place to kick start or incorporate alongside your current routine..

Why we incorporate bodyweight exercise as part of our balanced 5-pillar wake up warrior health, fitness, longevity system. Using your own bodyweight is a great form of resistance that will help build strength, tone, burn fat (weight loss)

Also moving yourself around in this way also helps iron out imbalances, improves agility, and removes those aches/pains

However, as this challenge is a 'time challenge' where we are looking to complete all 100 reps as quickly as possible

Keeping good form on each and ever rep is VITAL

See, as soon as you start turning exercise into competition form usually tends to go out the window which can possibly cause...


And as the emphasis of the 5-pillar system is health AND longevity

We need to be fully aware of this throughout

So are you ready to take the challenge?

Ready to test yourself and receive your warrior rating

Want to compare your time/warrior fitness levels

>>And be in with a chance to win the overall challenge prize<<

Register below to take the full challenge, that includes my official time attempt as well as modifications and progressions for each exercise:

You'll also receive my free 5-pillar guide, the very system all these ordinary guys girls are using to build strength/tone and burn fat (weight loss) right now, includes meal plan that works perfectly alongside this challenge:

NO diets or Rabbit food - Yep you can actually have a few beers and make it work.

Anton 'Challenged' Hedges


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